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  1. Yes that works, but also, does anyone know if CKAN works with 1.6? I only found 1.3 versions
  2. I only know of VM meaning Virtual machine, maybe there's a misunderstanding, but what do you mean?
  3. Hi! I looked around briefly but found no vessel mover file for 1.6. Please Help!
  4. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knows of a BDA release for KSP 1.6. Hopefully, you do! Bye! P.S. If there are no releases, I know how to get a previous KSP version and use BDA on that.
  5. Let's All Say What We Did Today, In KSP Or Not
  6. So If Anyone Could Link To A Working Download Of The Earliest Version You Could Find Id Like That
  7. I Know About That, What I Mean Is When I Click The Link To Download In The Spoiler Tag It Just Takes Me To The KSP Webpage Home
  8. That Thread Doesn't Seem To Work, I Click The Link And It Just Takes Me To The Home Page, Help Please.
  9. Edit, I Just Realized My Post Was Still Up But It Did Not Show Me, Weird Bye
  10. So If I Click One Of The Versions To Download It Just Takes Me To The KSP Website, No More, Please Help Me, I'm Trying To Download 0.7.3. Thanks, If You Can Goodbye.
  11. Do You Know What The Earlies Version Of KSP Is That You Can Download Legally?
  12. So I Want To Play 0.16, But I Cant Find A Download Like, Help Wanted.
  13. yes I checked there oh, found it lol
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