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  1. I have been having this exact same issue.I came to suspect this mod simply because it was the last one I installed. Removal cleared the issue. and for me, it is doing it in both 1.8.1 and 1.9.1. Shame. I like the active connection feature. Does your mod CommNet Constellation also offer this?
  2. No, What I am seeing is : [LOG 20:23:08.969] [TweakScale] WARNING: Removing TweakScale support for kerbalEVA (). [LOG 20:23:08.971] [TweakScale] ERROR: Part kerbalEVA () didn't passed the sanity check due not being correctly initialized - see issue [#30]( https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScale/issues/30 ). Now the count is up to 29. I just updated B9PartSwitch and the errors jumped. I am getting tired of this. I might just say screw it and drop backwards to the previous version. This is getting ridiculous. But the good news is that it is not Tweakscale!
  3. @Lisias Thanks for that tidbit. I will also look in that direction. Right now tho, I think I will just have a whiskey and cool my jets a bit. Game is playable with 17 but I still want to root them out if I can.
  4. @Lisias I may be mistaken about the squad part. What was throwing me is the part names, KerbalEVA_Female, etc. Seems it may be related to the ETT mod. Still digging. But the 17 sanity errors happen weather the Hotfixes, etc, exist or not.Also something else I noticed was that with the hotfix, breaking parts and depreciated files in place, the modulemanager configcashe file does not get generated. But I do know the issue is not Tweakscale and the most common issue mentioned in the KSP file is issue 30. That I about 9 or so of the errors. Others are empty cfg files, etc. Game works tho. Jus
  5. I will do that. I have kept the local folder because I had some previous issues. Gun shy by now. Will let you know how that goes. The least I can do. Still trying figure how what affects what.
  6. Your doing the right things. Coding has always been a messy business. Would be nice if everyone followed good coding mannerisms. But people are people and things turn into spaghetti quickly. Even Ksp is guilty of this. I have 17 sanity fails that seem to be related to something missing in Squads stuff. But thanks for maintaining Tweakscale. While it may only do something when another add on tells it too, it does it wonderfully and fills a much needed necessity. I salute and thank you!
  7. Everything you need to just play the game within its design constraints is provided stock. But for me, limited and ultimately boring. The mods bring extended life and play to the game by making it versatile. I don't consider using Tweakscale as cheating. But then I play the game for myself, not to impress others. And in that regard, I thank Lisias for the mod because it has helped me play the way I want to. Everyone is different and it would be pretty boring otherwise. Even in the real world, people "cheat" and it provides insights, discoveries and improvements that otherwise would not
  8. Ok. I will wait it out. I did have RealFuels Staock-Alike installed but it was getting flagged so I pulled it out. I did check the Squad configs for the rcs tanks and they are calling for the resource, RESOURCE { name = MonoPropellant amount = 750 maxAmount = 750 } just as the other tanks call for theirs. Unless I have it figured wrong. Always a possibility. I think its going to be spell before this all gets sorted out. Thanks.
  9. @Starwaster I am having a issue with KSP 1.8 (Who isn't!} and the RealFuels mod in regards to the stock Squad RCS tanks. When I install REalFuels, the tanks have no monopropellant and no option to fill them. The Other fuel tanks seem to work tho. My install is lightly modded at this point, mostly graphic mods for now (BetterSRBs, Chatterer, ChopShop, CraftManager, EVE, ExtendedAntennaProgression, KerbalEngineer, HyperEdit, KSP-AVC, KXAPI, MechJeb2, MissingHistory, PhysicsRangeExtender, PreciseEditor, RealChute, RealFuels, RealPlume, RealTimeClock2, PicoPorts, SmokeScreen, SVE, Tantares, TimeKe
  10. @Lisias Hang in there. You will get it. I know I appreciate what you are doing, as well as others. You make the game more enjoyable for me. Every time I fire the game up, I use this mod. It touches so much. I gather that this is a very twisted problem at best. I couldn't understand why you only got 9 failed sanity checks and I got 16. So I deleted all the visual mod stuff and a couple of other mods, all non part stuff (Tweakscale with the _LOCAL folder, All Tweak, Chatterer, Craftmanager, KXAPI, HyperEdit, KSP-AXC, EVE, SVE). And I got nine. So apparently, even non part mods screw w
  11. Failure is the mother of invention... However it usually includes the invention of unmentionable words!
  12. @Lisais, I believe I started experiencing the negative mass issues with 1.6.3 or possibly with the first 1.7.X runs. Can't remember. What would typically happen where I noticed it is when changing the scaling of a engine I wanted to use. An aero spike engine is where I first noticed it, then it was a Titan engine, etc, only a few models. I just redesigned around the issue. But I think now I would like to figure what is going on if I can. But first I need to straighten out the issues with Contares and B9 with Tweakscale fatal errors. Trying to puzzle it out. So far no luck in messing with
  13. Well the negative mass bit explains a few things I have experiencing in my game. I simply stopped using parts that had negative mass when scaling was changed. I need to look into that.
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