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  1. @CoriW @RocketSquid @Glloyd If i'm not mistaken, the "oasis' mod is still available and it also adds a star named valentine with five planets or so. Just fyi in case you guys are still wondering. I'm not positive, but now that I look, I think they're the same thing
  2. researchbodies gives you the option to set starting number of planets in the initial difficulty options when starting a new game towards the bottom of the list and requires contract configurator. it's a simple mod and has never given me any issues, even when using it with multiple planet packs simultaneously.
  3. Thank you for this. I couldn't possibly hate that feature any more than I do. Like mech engineer, I thought, was being quite sensible when they had a specific option to tie engineer to a particular item or have it automatically available right there in an in game accessible settings menu. A lot of people are likely to not bother to ask how to make it stop and just uninstall MJ. Not to mention it seems odd to still have to use the MJ part to get expanded utility even though it's automatically been installed obnoxiously on every single command pod. You'd figure if people wanted it on every part without needing a special requirement, then they'd also want it to have all the utilities available. Just confused me because it seemed like it would please neither of the two major camps of people in the community but just frustrates everyone. But thank you very much for your help I truly appreciate it.
  4. In career mode. I don't want this at all. I only want mechjeb if I manually install a mechjeb module but I can't find any documentation on how to turn this off. In the past it was defaulted that mechjeb didn't come preinstalled on any probecores so I've never had to do this before. Not sure what I'm missing but it's making me nuts, even though I can disable it, I don't want to deal with the temptation.
  5. i just happened across this video ( And silly me this whole time I thought the trays were meant to attach to the outside of the white piece. My problem is in what you see @N3h3mia do at the beginning as he stores all of the parts inside of it. I have KIS and KAS installed but can get nothing similar to that window to open. If I try to use the inventory, it can't fit nearly the necessary parts - and I can find no option to edit its storage. In fact, the visual nature of most of the windows he opens is unfamiliar to me. What is it that I am missing? I'm so lost. Specifically i don't have an 'edit container' button. I have other options he doesn't have there, but nothing for edit container.
  6. what makes you say it doesn't work? I can see the orbital tug parts in my VAB as we speak
  7. I kind of don't understand what a lot of that means. So despite having it installed right now on KSP 1.5.1, I shouldn't expect it to work? And if not, do they really update it for every minor KSP patch or would it make more sense for me to use whatever version of KSP their current one is and not the latest KSP? Also the current Kopernicus says version 1.5.0-1 Does that mean 1.5.0 or 1.5.1? That's essentially what's confusing me.
  8. Is that 100% version locked? As in does the 1.5.0 edition not work with 1.5.1? Or will it work with 1.5.x in general?
  9. Just wanted to say I fixed it, and it was pretty much a matter of removing everything seti + porkjet part overhaul set edition. I couldn't say which individual part did it but as they all seem to like to mess with remotetech I just dropped all of them to simplify my solution.
  10. I'm using a setup with only one ground station and I was expecting to lose control of the craft as it lost sight of the hemisphere however that never happened, I'm maintaining full control. I tested this with some seti-probe-parts probe cores and with a normal old probododododyne stayputnik + reflectron. I'm seeing remotetechs antenna descriptions in the relevant parts, I tried to excise any mod which could be interfering and I'm presently just at a loss.
  11. Omg I didn't dare to dream. I didn't even understand what you meant by constellation it's such a too good to be true scenario. Thanks so much! I've been losing my mind installing mods then trying to figure out what was crashing it and then doing it again. I know I know, should just do one at a time and test, like a good troubleshooter...but ugh my patience. haha thanks again I wish I understood this stuff well enough to know why it'd be different on a per-mod basis from how it is all together. My only guess is you've switched your focus from individual modules to the functioning of the whole? But regardless, love it. And I'm wondering if you have any suggestion regarding interstellar fuel switcher vs B9part? I've had a lot of crashes associated with both, and upon getting ISF to work it wasnt able to switch a liquid fuel tank to monoprop. But at this point it's been so long since I played I don't remember if it's supposed to be able to. I could have sworn I remembered a similar app being able to change a fuel tank to a container of just about anything though. Thanks again man, though, i'm very psyched to try this out
  12. I'm struggling to get the game launched now after reinstalling all my favorite mods from back when I used to pester you. And the USI family in its entirety is one of them. But at the moment I'm just getting crash after crash as I try to launch, so I was wondering if I'm wasting my time or if I should keep trying. If it just won't be compatible with the latest KSP, I'm fine with waiting. Thanks! And as always thanks for these awesome mods, I love them
  13. ah okay, so I won't find those mods to be in the majority? The one thing that sounded interesting to me was having more structured goal oriented missions, and i heard players could use a tool to create them also, so I figured there might be a lot of mods focused on creating mission campaigns of sorts
  14. How important is the new expansion to the current modding community, is everything made with that in mind? Did it include new features that people are frequently taking advantage of? Basically my question is, do I need to buy the new expansion before I get back into playing?
  15. @Rodhern Hey I was just wondering where to save the .cfg as mentioned on page one when we want to change the settings, or add settings for a part? Just in gamedata root okay? And is this format still okay? @PART[cupola] { MODULE { name = KeepFitPartModule strActivityLevel = NEUTRAL } } I noticed that's not how it's done in the mod's cfg folder. or is it @PART[mk4crewcabin-1,mk4cockpit-2,mk4cockpit-1]:AFTER[KeepFit] { MODULE { name = KeepFitPartModule strActivityLevel = COMFY } } With the :AFTER in there. And yeah not sure if i should put it in the same folder as all of keepfit's cfgs or anywhere in gamedata