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  1. Yep, seems it does (needs to be recompiled). I upgraded my KSP from 1.10 to 1.12 (hoping to play Breaking Grounds) and voila, welcome to rebuild my set of 120+ mods (maybe I will get rid of some parts mods in progress) During the one-by-one installation and testing I found, that FRMS and Stage Recovery do allow the game to load, but adding Recovery Controller 0.0.4 freezes the loading in the very beginning. My dumb guess, the reason is the new Module Manager 4.2.1 , did not proved itself - reverting to old 4.1.4 shows same behavior
  2. Released version 0.2.8 using B9 Part Switch (2.18.0) that is built for KSP 1.11.x and consequently, Conformal Decals version 0.2.8 is for KSP 1.11.x ONLY, no 1.10 and lower compatibility guaranteed (my KSP 1.10 not eats this 0.2.8 version)
  3. Hi, I'm trying to launch my first probe with SETIProbeStack1 core and MK1SAS Reaction Wheel, Fligh Computer is in OFF mode (top left of the screen), but I still need to HOLD "F" key... Wait... looks like I found it... There is Smart A.S.S in MechJeb... Two modes - SURFace and ORBit... UP and PROgrade... Looks like everything was there.
  4. Dear gentlemen, some time ago I have found a version of Procedural Wings, where I was able to adjust ANGLE of wing (or switch to OFFSET) and transmit the properties of main wing to control surfaces, but I can not find this version now (for KSP 1.10.1) Are there any other Procedural Wings version for KSP 1.10.1 except B9-PWings-Fork and B9-Procedural-Wings-Modified-Continued ??
  5. Hi, I'm playing KSP 1.10.1 with AJE 2.15.0 I have installed AJE Extended 2.0.5 and *PUFF!!!* the Small Circular Intake (0.625m) gone from SPH parts list Log attached Tried the AJE Extended 2.0.4 - same thing Without this mod the AJE seem to be TOTALLY useless (trust is almost ZERO)
  6. Hey, Guru, it's from this thread, It has something to do with Near Future parts, I do not really understand, what exactly it does
  7. Can I uset FuelWings without Modular Fuel Tanks on KSP 1.10.x? MFT were not recompilled for KSP 1.10.x
  8. Hey there! I'm using KSP 1.10 SXTContinued 3.29.5 causes 2 errors with B9StockPatches please, see the log attached
  9. Dear Lisias, I want to notice You, that TweakScale still has Nerta_Tweakscale patch in the package and, consequently causing "FATALITIES" for 13 HeatControl parts (Yeah, more sculls to the god of sculls!) I dunno, if it supposed to be so. And even stranger - I'm still getting "FATALITIES" even after erasing Nerta_Tweakscale from TweakScale patch folder
  10. I know, matey, all this source/compiled stuff can be VERY messy, especially for several branches at one time, just don't give up!
  11. I see the source on GitHub, but I do not see the compiled package
  12. Lisias, mate, I want to thank You for making the mods for this awesome game, You and other mod makers making the KSP even more AWESOME I'll put it here instead of TweakScale thread: I instlled TweakScale Companion for AirplanePlus - worked OK, but TweakScale Companion for Firespitter says, it does not sit in \TweakScaleCompanion\FS folder (I put it in there, near APP folder) Could it be some problem with routing in Companion itself?
  13. Reinstalled the TweakScale from updated .zip - KSP stopped complaining. Now seems I just need a TSCompanion for AirplanePlus and Firespitter
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