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  1. Anyone know how/ have any rover designs/mods to make a rover that will fit in the Hab or KRV(ERV)
  2. Hey Shadow, awesome mod. I was wondering if this mod needs realplume or something with the config files because in game when I use the SM engine, it has no plume and no sound but the thrust works.



    thanks in advance :) 

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    2. TheShadow1138


      The Black Paladin SRBs are one of the formerly proposed Advanced Boosters as well as the F-1B powered Liquid Boosters.

    3. Director Kerman
    4. TheShadow1138


      No problem.  Happy launchings.

  3. the reason I said $100 or so is because I took in to account of how Take2 manages GTA5: want players to not mod money, so they can buy shark cards.and I said mony because I don't think a modder would just give the mod to Take2.
  4. Hey guys, I recently had an idea about how to save people from having to install mods just to have the game troll them by crashing right when they look at the screen. The idea is that Take2 will pay a little money ($100 or so) or make a deal with the mod developers to "buy" their mods from them and bring the mods back in to development by Take2 and add more parts, remove bugs, etc. I don't know if people will agree with this cause of all the rumors about mods when Take2 bought the game. For example lets look at the stock mk2 parts. At one point they were all mod parts then they were
  5. ok, so when I load ksp and when I get to the main menu, everything is good but not the frame rate. its not because I have a bad computer(I have an awesome computer). the fps goes to about 10 fps and I don't know why.if anyone knows why it does this, then please let me know. thanks in advance:)
  6. and this is hopefully my last question lol. where do I find MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST cause I cant find it anywhere
  7. ok so, when I install this mod (KSO) and the other ones that it needs, when I'm in game and I launch it there is no smoke and no plume/fire coming out the engines if anyone knows what would be wrong and how to fix it, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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