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  1. I gave it a try, and here is result: 1. You still includes in backport wrong modulemanager version, as i said before it creates various problems for 1.3.1 is use v3.0.6 instead of v3.0.4. 2. Problems with huge fps drop from 1.3.1-8 are gone, but it still much lower than stock version even with only kopernicus installed without anything else. So basically i have same performance issues like in 1.3.1-7. 22 fps vs 45 fps with no kopernicus is still huge difference (or 45 fps vs 80+ with only kopernicus without any other mods). This means there is no difference for v1.3.1 with performance between 1.3.1-7 and 1.3.1-9. Maybe i can try later v.1.4.3 as separate installation to see if i have this problem on new ksp.
  2. ok so i did test it and result is next: 1. first of all - you included wrong version of module manager in backport, last version what works properly with 1.3.1 is 3.0.4 and with 3.0.6 i have various problems (starting from loading screen images rotating very fast and so on) 2. Now my fps is even more worse, i have around 10-15 fps in tracking station and slow camera moving (what never happens before). 3. FPS on surface of mun in same location where i did all my tests is same - around 14, so it also worse. When i back 1.3.1-7 fps/camera issue in tracking station is gone, and on surface on mun in same location i have ~23 fps. But still without kopernicus it is around 45.
  3. Where i can find that version? On github latest version in releases is 1.3.1-7. Nevermind, found it on as separate repository.
  4. @Sunesha I have exactly same problem with fps. Here is my original post, and i still didn't got any answer about that from devs. But i did test it only on surface of mun. I can add only one - after playing for a while with some more complex vessels i have now even 5-7 fps on surface of mun.
  5. Продолжаю проходить карьеры и попробовал построить сеть ретрансляторов на муне. Вышло "приемлемо", но могло быть и лучше...
  6. Продолжаю проходить карьеру, вышло несколько видосов и даже прошёл небольшой стрим) В следующей серии планирую развивать космический туризм и построить сеть ретрансляторов на Муне и Минмусе, должно быть интересно) Хотя кто знает...
  7. @Barar Thank you for trying to help, but unfortunately you bit miss part about SVT - i tried to run kopernicus without SVT and SVT does not affect fps at all (but logs probably was just when i enabled everything). See this: Even if SVT was outdated it still doesn't matter about my fps problem at all. My fps problem starting even when i just install kopernicus without anything else. As for ' PluginData ' folder - do i need to move textures manually here? I can try this, but for example if i'm using just kopernicus without anything else - what textures i need to move?... I'll try to update mods and see if this will change anything, but i don't think so..
  8. Hello, i have fps problem when installing this mod. Actually if i install just this mod without any other mod, on Mun (and in other cases too) i have much lower fps. Without this mod and other graphical mods it is around 60-77 on surface of mun, but when this mod installed it drops to 35-50 without anything else. If use it with mods like SVT + EVE + SVE + Scatterer, then i have ~20 and in some cases even 15, and removing Kopernicus with SVT (as its dependency on it) i have 30-50 fps again (so EVE + SVE + Scatterer eat around 10-20 fps). Why is this happens? What can i do with that to improve my fps? I don't want lost mods what require kopernicus as dependency (basically i'm using it because of SVT). Here is all logs required if this can help: All configs are default, and as i mention - this happens even if install kopernicus without anything else. Here is also my FPS test table: note: 77 is equal to HZ of my monitor, and that's right, i have 77hz instead of 60hz without graphical mods - 60-77 only with kopernicus - 35-50 EVE/SVE/Scatterer/DistantObject without kopernicus - 30-55 EVE/SVE/Scatterer/DistantObject with kopernicus - 20-26 EVE/SVE/Scatterer/DistantObject with kopernicus + SVT - 20-26 (so SVT doesn't affect fps at all) If you need anything else from my side - just tell me, i'll provide it. Thank you. ps i'm still on KSP 1.3.1 (x64) with kopernicus 1.3.1-7, tested on both dx9 and dx11 (result is same)
  9. И вот спустя 2 месяца запилил новый видос по ксп) В этой серии отправил МКС на Муну и рассказал про историю с ReseachBodies максимально мягко как только это возможно. ps всё ещё сижу на 1.3.1 из-за модов)
  10. Just want to warn: there is some UI issues with russian localization what should be fixed in mod itself later (some text moving around, and not fitting to buttons).
  11. @Kerbal101 спасибо за предложение, но увы у меня на это нет времени) Последние 2 месяца вообще был поуши погружен в разработку другого проекта который вчера только закончил) А так я максимум время от времени буду помогать переводить те моды которые сам использую)) Кстати скоро подьедет перевод на Antenna helper (уже отдал автору) и думаю ещё перевести Tarsier Space Technology, ну и коенчно доделать перевод к Precise Node.
  12. Ребят помогите до-перевести (и поправить возможные ошибки) мод Precise Node, я в общем более мение его перевлё уже вот ссылка на файл И сообщение в теме автора: Но есть нюанс: - Не могу перевести словосочетание "Conics mode" и всё что связано с этими режимами. Вот банально не могу подобрать слово которое есть в русском языке чтобы понятно было и по длине (числу букв) было примерно также. Этот режим вообще меняет способ отображения траектории при прохождении мимо другого тела (типа муны).
  13. Ok i did first version of localization, so i created fork and here is file: Sorry for so long delay as i was very busy in this weeks. Also i want to ask some other people first, and if everything is ok, then i'll create pull request. Also its not full translation as i cannot translate "conic mode" thing into my language, i really can't find any word what can explain this, so all sentences what contains conic is not translated. So if someone can help with that - could be good. And few other things what i noticed: - There is issue with time window, it moves words to next line (look at screenshoot) - Object names (like mun) is not using ksp localization - It seems like string PN_EjectInclination not working and display second time PN_EjectionAngle. Ok, so i'll now ask other people and will report back.
  14. I'm still in progress with translating mod, i just bit busy right now so need more time. I'll send files when it will be done (hopefully within few days).
  15. Так вот я наконец построил свою первую "МКС"!) И провёл стыковку забрав кербанафтов со станции. Попутно также выполнил некоторые другие задания)
  16. Так он не только мододел, а ещё и разработчик KSP.. Ну да ладно, вроде проблемы порешали, так что всё гуд уже. ps сорри за офтоп) больше не буду) я скоро подготовлю новую серию с постройкой "МКС"))
  17. @SnarkThank you for your time for create so veeeery long answer, i did read it completely and really grateful for that. You indeed made me feel better. Thank you. I'll put few things to spoiler as its off-topic for last time. This spoiler mostly for snark. While writing another long message JPLRepo already answered about how i can submit my changes, so i'm going to do that in any case. But still @JPLRepo is there actually proper way to do this via PR on github without license violation? Its still will be better for everyone else who might have same situation as me and want to do this properly. Also i prefer this way because of mention author name in commits (as one of contributors, this is generally part of github). ps zip was send to PM, so now everything is up to JPLRepo, of course when he will have free time.
  18. @Kerbal101 Та какие там приоритеты... Почитайте тот топик после моих сообщений, да я нарушил лицензию сделав форм и распространив модифицированную версию, но он даже не прочитал что я реально изменил там, и сказал "ты наверное удалил функционал отвечающий за отображение планет" ну или что там он сказал. Кароче я очень разочарован в том что он даже не пытался реально разобратся во всём этом и вместо того чтобы вникнуть всех тупо игнорил и говорит что это исправить невозможно. В общем в итоге я всё удалил пока он не даст внятный ответ и не прочитает что именно не так. А вообще помогай потом людям... Всё настроение только испортил.
  19. @JPLRepo Ok so i removed my fork, sorry for make you angry regarding license violation. Actually its first time for me when some MIT project includes ARR parts. But you also makes me extremely angry to not even try to understand why this slow down happens in first place. Instead of say "this is impossible to fix" you at least could look whats wrong with this code, but instead you actually ignore everyone who have this problem. And also you even didn't read my this message: All this makes me feel very sad and disappointing as well. My repo before contains improved version of code what is from this message with some additional changes for make it work properly. I can repeat that i didn't remove any functional from mod, i just implement cache for generated textures what actually do this slow down and slight improved code to not doing this jobs in all time when its already applied. That's all. And how then to call situation, when mod author even didn't want to try understand issue and find ways to fix it? And ignore everyone because he think "its impossible or very hard"? I think its even much worse than bad form/bad karma. And if someone actually do fix and then don't even take a few minutes to read what exactly was wrong. Here is actual change log what i think nobody read as well: For now i saved my work locally and won't share it anymore. Next question is - do you actually want to include my changes in this addon or not, i still can make PR. But i can't create private repository on github because its paid, so this mean i can't create PR without fork, and this cannot be done because of ARR, great. Also i can't fork without including particular files (as this files will be still in history), so actually your license break ability to make PR for those who may fork only for that reason. Tell me next time to not try help people. So i'll not do anything with it anymore until get proper answer. ps after all this stuff happen, right now all in my minds is about removing all my messages and code because i'm very upset, because mod author actually even don't want try to understand what was wrong in his own creation, and worry about license more than look at what actually was changed, but i'll not do this as i still want help other people (somewhere deep in my soul). pss And it seems like people in this thread more likes messages against my fault of license violation instead of actual fix, which made me even more upset. Whats wrong with people...
  20. Its difficult to understand where is ARR code and where is not (without looking inside all files), but for file what i changed its actually MIT i think so its should be ok to change it. In any case its temporary repository. I want to hear official answer from JPLRepo about this changes and i should to do next. And until that everything will stay as it is. So feel free to test my version to see if its working for your well.
  21. @Li0n Yep it works now! I have small delay when first time click on button (and menu shown without any option), but after few seconds its back to normal and i can see overlay in tracking center. Thank you)
  22. Ok, thank you. Also it seems after i updated this mod - i can't anymore use it in tracking center, button just do nothing (no menu shown), but it works in flight. So what can be wrong? I looked inside log files and there is no any errors when i'm pressing button or while loading, so logs are useless. However if i load new game it start works, so i think it might be issue with old saves (with old antenna helper installed before) or maybe due to large amount of vessels?