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  1. "Links are in OP of the thread"... If you can't find it, here it is https://github.com/meirumeiru/InfernalRobotics/releases
  2. Okay so will resume you not the last but the previous bug it wasn't very clear when I posted it : Put a "Hinge Pivotron - Flat" sized "small -" and run a few meters on the runway and it should invoke the kraken. But the bug doesn't appear if the craft isn't touching the ground, neither if you change the size of the hinge. I Would like to report another.. well not a bug, just a misspelled word in IR Sequencer : https://imgur.com/a/NitpPv0
  3. Just found an interesting bug, when you have a craft with IR part oriented in special direction (I mean not the default one when you pick the parts from the menu), you just have to F5 to quicksave and when you F9 to load it, all the IR parts are now orientated in the default position which can cause several aesthetic problems and I guess more (but haven't tried) if the collisions are enabled... Just tell me if you need more infos !
  4. Well then, I will contact my doctor.. One interesting that I've noticed is the kraken seems to be attracted by infernal robotics (beta for now) only when I use the "hinge pivotron - flat" at "small -" size ! Then I will find a way to bypass the kraken using the size "small"
  5. Ok after a few tests it appears to come from Infernal robotics : when I removed all the part from this mod I don't get any errors Still weird... Why would a mod like this one could cause the kerbol system to disapear after a few meter on surface and nothing happen when flying it in the air.
  6. Hello guys I'm here to report a bug : When building something in the VAB or SPH, just after placing a IR part if I Ctrl+Z, in the menu to move the servos, each IR part duplicate. Of course after saving and reloading the craft, there are no duplicates anymore. EDIT: Just found another interesting bug that really needs to be fixed : Hope this wonderful mod we be available soon !
  7. Hello everyone ! Tonight I was designing a rover, but I'm encountering a problem : After a successful loading of my rover, I just have to make it move on 5 meters and... POOF ! Void. I destroyed the solar system. After pressing Alt+f12, I can read this error several times : I don't know where it come from. I have a several number of mods, so it will be difficult to list them all but I tried making a similar probe with the same pieces on it, only the design is different and I don't get any error after few moves.... I'll give you some logs if you want to investigate : KSP.log -> https://ufile.io/lwtb5 KSP_x64_Data's output_log.txt -> https://ufile.io/znt2w And a screenshot of my GameData folder so you can see all the mods I'm using, if the problem come from them : https://imgur.com/a/3cXPsXB Btw, my rover has only stock, Infernal robotics and Magic Orbital Science parts. Thanks for helping me
  8. Finally fixed, as it was coming from the exe I deleted it, and steam downloaded it for me and now everything working !
  9. Here is the link to the new post : https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/172851-black-screen-on-launching-ksp-64bit/
  10. Hello everyone ! Since the update to 1.4 it became impossible for me to play on the 64bits so I decided to play on the 32bits version which led me to memory problems : forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/172822-ksp-141-crash-too-often The reason why I can't launch KSP 64bits is when I launch the game, I just get a black screen, with the loading bar already at 50% done at nothing happen.. The window is not broken... just seems like the 64 bits have to display this image : What I tried : - Launching the game as admin - Verify the games files integrity If you have already experienced this or have any tips to give me, you're welcome
  11. @genbrien Thanks ! Weird seems like it come from me I already tried to verify the game files, 1st time I was missing 5 files for a size of 2MB 2nd time missing 1 files of 26KB and 3rd times nothing @Kerbal101 thanks I gess I'm just going to follow what you said thanks you
  12. Well, when I launch the other version than the 32bit (I suppose the 64), I just get a black screen with the loading bar freezed at 50%
  13. Hello guys, Since the update, I've seen that the x64 version of KSP don't seems to work.. So I'm now playing on KSP_x32 but also got a lot of problems My game seems to crash every times I load a rocket with more than 100 parts or so I'm uploading a bunch of KSP logs if you want to check them out : https://mega.nz/#!Rk52GArL!vCig86vmFEruCZIzEt9U7vvnTrsp3sQnIGhWZ3Nfe8U Btw, I've looked in the errors logs that reads failure from multiple addresses appears quite often but after doing a memtest I don't get any RAM errors...
  14. Hello I'm having trouble to understand how the sequencer works : When I have multiple states (In the sequencer menu), it appear that I only have 1 state with the green arrow before its name and not 2 like in the @Ziw's gif in the 1st post.. How to change that to use multiple states ?
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