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  1. Which version of KSP are you running? There seems to be some bugs with Kopernicus in 1.9.1 so I would recommend using 1.8.1 for now.
  2. Are you using Kronometer? I haven't played KSP for a while, but last time I played JNSQ came bundled with it and that in combination with KAC should work.
  3. You may be the first person who has complained that this mod is too small!
  4. It was more about how it was going to be handled rather than the general idea. However most modders will gladly accept donations so feel free to donate to those who you feel should receive something for their tireless efforts.
  5. As per the posts above, the downloads are currently unavailable but will hopefully be returning again soon.
  6. @amarillo114 If you are trying to scan whole planet, put your probe/satellite on a polar orbit. That way it will slowly end up scanning the entire surface as it orbits the planet and the planet spins around. It will take a few in-game days to complete.
  7. I prefer the buttons (as in the ones in the UI not keyboard ones) myself. The example you've provided above looks to be the best option here.
  8. It hasn't been forgotten about it's just that Team Galileo have been hard at work on JNSQ instead. I agree that as far as 1.0x scale systems go this is my personal favourite. Now, if this was in 2.7x...
  9. So because my potato laptop can't run JNSQ (and I can't always get on my desktop) I usually play 1.8.1 on there, as it runs better than 1.7.3 did, allowing me to add in some mods. But the standard 1.0x scale solar system was annoying me. So I found another use for SMURFF - instead of using this mod to scale up the engines (or whatever hocus pocus witchcraft this mod does) I used negative values in the configs to nerf the engines (or again whatever sorcery this does), thereby simulating a larger system without needing Kopernicus. Not sure what side effects this will cause but so far so good!
  10. I think the memes... are the flare... *cue CSI Miami Theme (The Who - Won't Fooled Again)*
  11. That shuttle either has a secret hidden warp engine, more dV than all the boosters in KSP combined, or (most likely but I'd prefer one of the previous two) has been alt-12/hyperedit 'd into orbit of the pictured bodies around the JNSQ system! Great work though @G'th!
  12. 10/10, would download again. Seriously though why?
  13. Whoop! Thread of the month! Justly deserved for an awesome mod made by a great team!
  14. The question here would be how many manned ships/stations/bases/rovers do you have active and how many Kerbals are on these crafts/facilities? This window will be calculating the amount of time each Kerbal has to live (roughly) based on the amount of Snacks that are on each of these crafts/facilities. I have a quite a few active crafts and facilities in my 1.7.3 game and also in my 1.8.1 game. I don't see any lag in my 1.7.3 game (but that's played on my desktop which has an i7 4790K Quad Core 4.0 GHz CPU with 32 GB RAM and is installed on an SSD) but my 1.8.1 game does lag a bit when the UI is open (and that's played on my potato laptop which has an i5 3317U Dual Core 1.7 GHz CPU with 8 GB RAM and is installed on a HDD) so I think it depends on the number of Kerbals and crafts/facilities you have in your game and also the machine you are playing on.
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