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  1. Yea, Part Angle Display works, but it's not exactly what am I looking for. I can adjust angeling perfectly, but only when I have a part in "hand". I want to adjust that, when I'm rotating it when it's placed But even with these disadvantages, I was able to manage what I wanted to Thank you
  2. I will definetly try this one. I will give a respond when it will be tested I dont really have a problem with controlling plane. But plane was still flying little bit up. With SAS, everything was ok, but I wanted to have a possibility to fly comfy without sas
  3. Hello, I'm new KSP user, and I'm creating A-10 plane. But I'm not satisfied with only visual aspects. I want to make this plane nice to fly, and nice looking. To accomplish that task, I wanted to set vectors of thrust and aerodynamic on the same direction. To do it, I was adjusting angle of horizontal stabilizer (To compensate height of engines). As you can see on the picture, I can't get them on exactly the same direction. So my question is I am able to set rotation value by typing it in some field? By mouse, I will never have such a precision :| I was trying to find addon, but I didn't see any for the newset KSP version :\