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  1. Next update is coming along, and now the mod will require B9 Part Switch to work.
  2. Got plenty of time till 12th of April haha
  3. Nuclear engines from BDB, I forgot the name but it's from that.
  4. If your screens pass my quality control. Im thinking of ways to allow for easy submission both for myself to look trough, and other to send. On a unrelated note, please forgive any typos lol, english is not my first language, and i was making this at 3am haha I will try to, i really enjoyed making this.
  5. KSPICS Simply a magazine with contributions by people such as: @[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@Fdkhio @Vals_Aerospace and more! ISSUE #1: As a full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/6iFDpdJ !BE WARNED THEY ARE BIG AND HIGH RES! Separate images:
  6. The Soyuz Color Revolution update is coming! Soon
  7. update 0.4 is out fellas -Removed N1, Venera core and Zenit recolors until the node problem can be fixed -Added Red and Plain white Soyuz colors -Added Docking ports recolors
  8. Intercolor is a mod that adds more color variety to parts from Tantares, Tantares LV and Tantares SP. Some are vaguely based on drawings or mock ups, some are just cool variants i wanted to see. Its still in early state and doesn't have too much to offer, but it will slowly and surely get better. Current recolors include: Green Zenit Red and Navy Blue VA Green, Black and Blue N1 White Red LK Lander Blue and Navy Blue Soyuz Navy Blue Venera Crossed out are getting fixed for the major update 0.5 Future plans: Color variants for Soyu
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