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  1. Absolutely in awe of the size of the lad. Perfect for international stuff. Goes very well with minty green.
  2. They should, but some recolors won't work if the part is not available in the release.
  3. Because my recolors of Tantares are based on the Github version of it, not the realese one.
  4. Second Issue is out! https://imgur.com/gallery/0RLKPMo
  5. Ah right, the yellow goes off on Mustard recolor, I'll fix it. That is by design, this is not meant to say the part itself is that color, but the overall recolor is white with other colors. And yes I do know about the ports, but I am keeping the folder for now to Reuse for new ports.
  6. 5.3 is out fellas, go get your Soyuz ready for paint.
  7. Little update coming soon with few new recolors, one of them is ACRV colors.
  8. Green Soyuz and Ball, my favorite Dr Seuss story
  9. CRE Recolour is now available as a separate mod! Only black arrow for now. https://spacedock.info/mod/2809/Intercolor - CRE Recolours
  10. Update 5.2 is out! Changes: Docking port recolors are removed for now as they are getting a revamp FGB/Salyut/Almaz Recolors
  11. Currently in game are FGB and Salyut/Almaz recolors, coming next update. (Text is not the part of a recolor)
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