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  1. New update 5.6 "Big In Japan"! Added Tsyklon recolors that are based off certain characters. Enjoy! https://spacedock.info/mod/2604/Tantares Intercolor (Recolors)#info
  2. Bleh, remember kids, dont update mods late at night when you want to sleep. Fixed it. Sorry @Bealelol.
  3. Tantares intercolor was updated with few new things like Periscope recolors and few more things so enjoy everyone! And hopefully soon to be on CKAN as well! https://spacedock.info/mod/2604/Tantares Intercolor (Recolors)
  4. I have some weird temporal anomalies going on in my KSP! I gathered other star trek vessels I found around the web, but yours are the ones with most thought and care put into, keep up the great work,and I can't wait for that Miranda class! Gotta have that wrath of khan showdown. I will share more pictures here, I'm planning exploring different planet packs on a NX Refit ship.
  5. Sorry for the late response but it seems i did find the issue. I did install with CKAM and did reinstall manually later as well when testing some ideas. But turns out it was caused by Throttle Controlled Avionics mod, same issue affected the Blueshift warp coils, which after checking the log, seem to throw NRE related to TCA, which led to me to try uninstalling TCA, which fixed the NRE spam. In other news, i continue enjoying the mod immensely, it looks wonderful and i hope more ships of this quality will be added! (Fingers crossed for Intrepid Class)
  6. Amazing mod, love it, but i seem to get NullReferenceException spam in the console when using the Constitution class Bridge, engineering and NX bridge. Actually, even the impulse drives spam, most of engine parts do, i wonder if this could be an issue of my install or is it happening in general? Did i forget something?
  7. I am just not sure yet, since i usually use dev branch of Tantares as basis for the mod, but i will probably eventually add it to CKAN. I actually used the text decal, wrote bunch of I I I I and then compressed them with the sliders until it became a line
  8. Oh it's just sea level J2s from BDB, they really fit nicely with a bit of offset and rotation
  9. I think ive use this mod so many times i should give back at this point. Here are some screenshots using APUS, absolutely lovely mod and cant wait for an update!
  10. New update with cool additions and some touch up! https://spacedock.info/mod/2604/Tantares Intercolor (Recolors)
  11. Intercolor now has a github and @Araym helped me with some recolors and configs. Check it out it will work as more of a Dev version https://github.com/Zarbon44/Intercolor
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