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  1. Aerospike Industries Had enough of boring old nozzles? Want to have great efficiency? Then this mod is for you! In development, just a simple mod aiming to provide more Aerospike propulsion to the game. Not really balanced yet or textured. Current parts: "Mtirala" Hybrid fuel booster To-do: Texturing More engines/boosters Balancing Download: SpaceDock Industries License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
  2. May i please reserve: X: 1.8 Y: -11.7 Z: 2.5 The star is called Darwin (might be a Binary) F-class star.
  3. Do you have plans to add support for Tantares/LV?
  4. If that Jam was a super organism.
  5. A mod that aims to recreate and add the Darwin system from the book "The Expedition" by Wayne Douglas Barlowe. So far i have only the star (Which will be a binary in the future, like in the book) and a place holder Darwin IV orbiting it. To-do list: 1) Make a better Darwin 4. 2) Add two moons of Darwin 4. 3) Add the gas giants. 4) Replace the star with a Binary. Dev-Team: @Pkmniako - As Map Master. Special thanks to: Wayne Barlowe for creating such an amazing book. @Fdkhio for the Logo. Discord Server of the KSP Sub-Reddit for support.
  6. someday I might make my lazy self make a Darwin system mod, and I'll shall join you.