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  1. I have some weird temporal anomalies going on in my KSP! 




    I gathered other star trek vessels I found around the web, but yours are the ones with most thought and care put into, keep up the great work,and I can't wait for that Miranda class! Gotta have that wrath of khan showdown. 

    I will share more pictures here, I'm planning exploring different planet packs on a NX Refit ship. 

  2. On 3/28/2022 at 3:32 AM, TheShadow1138 said:

    Firstly, thank you.  I'm not sure why you're getting NRE spamming.  There were some issues with some earlier versions of the TrekDrive plugin that would cause NRE spamming, either all the time, or just in the editor, or just in flight.  I doubled checked the current version of the plugin and don't see any NREs being thrown.  You seem to be using the TUFX configs, which I don't personally use, so I'm wondering if that might be the source of the NREs.  I say this because if you're getting them with the Constitution-class bridge, my plugin doesn't add any special modules to that part, so those definitely aren't TrekDrive related.  I did test a full ship, both NX-class and Constitution-class and didn't get any NREs under impulse power, or warp power.  I did find, however, that the plugin was spamming to the log about how many nacelles are charged while traveling at warp speed, so I have posted a small update that removes that log spam.

    Have you removed any part of the mod, or any of the dependencies?  Did you install via CKAN?  I assume that installation through CKAN would not cause issues, but it might be possible that it didn't pick up the correct version of the plugin.  If you did install from CKAN, you might want to download the mod from Spacedock and copy over the plugin from the Spacedock download.  That's the only case I can think of, if the NREs are actually being thrown by the TrekDrive plugin.  My guess is that it's not coming from the TrekDrive plugin, but maybe the TUFX or some other plugin that is being added to the parts through a ModuleManager patch, but it's not finding the necessary module or plugin.  If none of these suggestions helps, could you post your Log so that maybe I can figure out what's going on.


    Hotfix Update:

    TrekDrive v1.0.3b Hotfix Update

    v1.0.3b - Log Spam Hotfix
    * Updated TrekDrive.dll to remove spamming the debug log with the number of warp
    coils that are charged.

    Sorry for the late response but it seems i did find the issue. I did install with CKAM and did reinstall manually later as well when testing some ideas. But turns out it was caused by Throttle Controlled Avionics mod, same issue affected the Blueshift warp coils, which after checking the log, seem to throw NRE related to TCA, which led to me to try uninstalling TCA, which fixed the NRE spam.

    In other news, i continue enjoying the mod immensely, it looks wonderful and i hope more ships of this quality will be added! (Fingers crossed for Intrepid Class)

  3. Amazing mod, love it, but i seem to get NullReferenceException spam in the console when using the Constitution class Bridge, engineering and NX bridge. 
    Actually, even the impulse drives spam, most of engine parts do, i wonder if this could be an issue of my install or is it happening in general? Did i forget something?

  4. On 12/25/2021 at 9:31 PM, DeadJohn said:

    @Zarbon44 I just found the Tantares version of this a week ago. It's fantastic and thank you.

    Please consider adding the Tantares version to CKAN so more players it. See the prior posts from me and HebaruSan for more info. You might just have to flip a switch in Spacedock to get it listed.

    I am just not sure yet, since i usually use dev branch of Tantares as basis for the mod, but i will probably eventually add it to CKAN.

    On 12/11/2021 at 11:39 PM, mitsvan said:

    How can I replicate the upperline and underline text on the Almaz? I am guessing this has been created with conformal decals.

    I actually used the text decal, wrote bunch of
    and then compressed them with the sliders until it became a line

  5. 8 hours ago, MashAndBangers said:

    Bug report time!

    So the Soyuz engines seem a bit off.

    For the RD-107 and 108, white is navy blue, and red is white.

    For the RD-0110's, White is Navy blue, but everything else works.

    I think that's all I've seen so far.


    Additional:  I'm guessing you know about the docking ports?

    Ah right, the yellow goes off on Mustard recolor, I'll fix it. 

    That is by design, this is not meant to say the part itself is that color, but the overall recolor is white with other colors. 

    And yes I do know about the ports, but I am keeping the folder for now to Reuse for new ports. 

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