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  1. 1mm steel wire rope cable should easily handle 10N. There will be a bit more stresses than just thrust but should be in its limits since no gravity or aerodynamic resistance, just some solar wind (which could help even when starting to Mars). Unfortunately, i'm not an engineer myself, not able to calculate I see only potential problem with high current in these cables but with high voltage configuration (40000V or more) in the panel it would be just 10A current, should work. VASIMR requires high voltage anyway. I don't think folding is real problem as modules always can use ion engines
  2. Hope this is really new, i couldn't find any similar design for a spaceship. What you think, the design is feasible? My idea is a cheap spaceship with electric propulsion (low thrust, high delta-v) which could be used as a probe or small (tens of tonns) cargo hauler. The ship contains few parts connected with 1mm steel+copper cables - two propulsion modules (can be more than two, connected in triange/square/etc shape) and large solar panel array (flexible panels or multiple small panels with flexible connections between). Basically, it is hammock in space. :) After launch - propulsion mod
  3. I've tried to use RCS engines to press down the outpost to the surface while moving on wheels but doesn't help really. It is 26 tonns heavy already, but still jumpy. I know, kerbals are crazy but pay for wheels on Gilly... Well...
  4. Got contract to land outpost to the Gilly. Nothing wrong with the idea but it did ask me to have wheels on it. Come on, wheels on Gilly?!? I could barely find flat space on the asteroid so the 26 tonns outpost won't jump to orbit or self-destruct after switching time warp (quite annoying bug if you ask me), wheels on the body are completely useless. And well, i think we need kind of graping hooks to tie stuff to the surface, really.
  5. Actually, it is possible to make unicycle rover, advanced stabilizer do enough to keep it in vertical position even with just one wheel. And if change batteries to flat square ones - it can get into service bay with small separator. Getting out of bay is a bit tricky though, you have to switch directions randomly fast and eventually it'll pop out. But no way to get it back after, so just one-time use. I guess, small 3/4 wheels thingie is more practical for the task.
  6. Not sure if this counts (as it cannot get from cargo bay without force and separators), but still. RC-001S core and QBE core at top (to switch "control from here" and use SAS to stay on wheels), advanced inline stabilizer, two batteries, two RTGs and some science stuff for exploration.
  7. After few days experimenting with mining spaceplanes, i've found this is not really suits my needs. 200t+ spaceplane with VTOL engines blocks that able to carry convert-o-tron 250 and few Nerv engines is too bulky and have not really good delta-v (so, requires refuelling at orbit with other ships often) with very slow acceleration rate and quite hard to operate. So, i've decided to switch to copter-style ships. Build simple one with 16x nerv engines (in 8x blocks with two engines), 28t Mk3 liquid tank, 14.57 Mk3-2.5m adapter with LF+OX, 4.57t Mk3 monopropellant tank, some Mk1 LF tanks, two lar
  8. After few unsuccessful attempts to land on ground, i was able to land spaceplane full of fuel (mk2 fuselage, 2x rapier, 2x nerv) in sea in Laythe near an island, then swim with low-thrust on rapiers to the ground and get on beach ground. Rest was easy, just took off laythe, refuelled spaceplane on orbit and send it back to Kerbin.
  9. KS-25x4 Mammoth engine are easy to use for VTOL-landing heavy lifter capable to deliver tens of tons to and land back with drops of fuel (to slow-down touching speed) at 97% cost refund (with help of mechjeb to optimal ascension and landing near KSP center to minimize losses). To deliver 90+ tons at 200km orbit i've used 8x mammoth engines, 2x 14400 tanks for every engine. If you stack up more mammoths, you can lift 150+ tons of payload with your ship and simple booster staging that will give enough delta-v to reach the Mun.
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