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  1. Update clickthroughtblocker and toolboardcontroller for ksp 1.10.x please
  2. No stop in that way, it's fantastic. Some ideas, make somes pack Airbus( A310, 18,19,20,21, Neo's, 30, 40, 50) and boeing (727, 737, 747, 777, 787...). And make wing's more simple to built. exemple, make all the spoiler on the same piece for each wings and same for both of the flaps there is a bug inside the cockpit we can see the ouside under the cockpit. other think's, what the perfect speed and angle for landing, cause I always crash during landing...
  3. Hey 

    Hope you'r ok

    long time no see your fantastic work in Ksp. Miss you. Whats about the shuttle?  Any project for now?  

    Have a nice Day 

  4. Hello there! Lets introduce myself, I am a big fan of the aerospace, and what I love above all is the inside of cockpit space craft, I like to remake missions from inside cockpit, with the IVA mod (ASET) on the last ksp updates. The matter is that I would like to make some missions with the Making history Spacecraft but I don't have the knowledge and the time to make by my own all the IVA cockpit... Someone could make it?
  5. Great idea to make the cesna cockpit and part, very beautifull, but I think the trottle indicator is missing inside the cockpit
  6. A great mod I use since a long time ago, but got a question Can it be possible to have Virgin galactic alike part ? for exemple feathering Wings Good job also I Love it !
  7. Just WOUAHH!! so beautifull ! do you have any other project for realist rocket like this ? just one thing, there are any plume for F1 engine at lift off
  8. WOUAHHHH !!! wonderfull !!! I wait a long time for a mod like this. just two things to ask first, you just forgot a antenna at the bottom of the service module, else all is ok, second, for the IVA, it's possible to add an ASET iva style? and one more things, for the docking, it's compatible with tantares? or maybe make a female docking port will be more realist if we want make real style docking.
  9. Really realistic mod, but I've got a problem with the chute...actually when I take Orion chute part, there is no parachute...a little matter for reentry...
  10. Really good job, just add more RSC for docking more easy will be good
  11. please make an update... , It is so important to have this mod and, it one of the best mod for me
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