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  1. Hello. This mod really looks cool but i cant seem to use it correctly. Do i need to dtart a new kerbal campaign/sandbox world ? Thx
  2. Hello. Umm do i need any other mods for this ? Cos the game refuses the parts. Is it normal ?
  3. Hello i cant seem to download the 1.3.1 version fully. I only have bits and bobs of the mod and nothing really works correctly. Please can someone send me either a link to donwload the FULL mod or please send direct download. thanks in advance
  4. Uhh. No thanks though for the help i checked and i cant find the report/problem button look if you want:
  5. Hello everyone. I have an idea for a unofficial KSP mission that shall include mods. This mission as you can guess from the title needs a mod (or mods depends feed back from all of you) that extends the Kerbal-Verse (Universe for the kerbals) and possibly adds extra terrestrial technology or enemies. Thats right, the Kerbals after conquering the Mun turned their eyes towards the other possible galaxies and such stuff and decided to start a new mission. Extended Galaxy Resaech Team 1 or EGR1 This mission is in prototype stages and wont be shared soon unless some of you volonteer to help me find mods and test them. This is and idea i might remind you so dont get to comfy on the idea. If i get lots of good feedback i will start EGR1 P.S: Anyone knows mods that can add planets to the Kerbal-Verse please either give a direct download or a site where i can download the mod or review it. P.S.S: The mods need to be in 1.3.1 (I use a Mac with Steam) Good luck to all who participate in this grand adventure.
  6. Hello. Umm can you make a mod list for 1.3.1 please. thanks in advance.
  7. Hello i have the same problem and i did what you all said but still i have no module manager. But the module manager appears only once ive deleted the mod so any help? thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everyone. i just want to report that the mod IXS-Warpship-OS doesnt seem to work why? I have no idea and i would Love to have the mod so please send me a copy of the IXS-Warpship-OS Mod please thank you in advance
  9. Hello. I have trouble with the debug toolbar. I have a Mac OS wich has a bluetooth AZERTY key board and i suck at programming please help me. I want to build a artificial planet station and i neeeeeeeeeed that. THX.