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  1. I had the problem that I wanted to create a node which activates when 2 conditions were met (for example the node activates when you are 100 m/s fast and are at 1000m altitude) but if you want to do that you need to build loops or other workarounds. But I found out that you can edit the node with programs like notepad ++ to create a single node which activates when 2 conditions are met. Please backup your mission before you start editing it with external programs! 1. Create both nodes which you want to have in one node (for example speed > 100 m/s and altitude > 1000m) and change their name 2. Find your mission file. It should be in your KSP folder at "Missions/<YOUR MISSION NAME>/persistent.misson" and open it with an editor 3. Scroll down till you find "NODES" here are all your nodes. 4. Now search for the first node you created. You can identify it by looking for the title. 5. Copy all text between "TESTMODULE {" and "}" 6. Find your second node 7.Search for the TESTMODULE 8. Paste it after the closing brackets of the first TESTMODULE 9. Reload your mission in KSP 10. one node should now contain both conditions
  2. Instructions unclear, wrecked the wrecking ball.
  3. Thats intentional. I tested it and it is possible. It should not be easy. You need to land fast.
  4. No they aren't cloned. If a Kerbal dies KSP changes its status to dead but the kerbal still exists. KerbalKlinic only looks for all Kerbals with the status dead and changes it to available.
  5. Update 1.2.0 - works now with KSP 1.4.1 Sorry for the late reply I didnt see your answer but I cant reproduce it. If I destroy my vessel there is no NRE. I tried to crash my vessel with maneuver node andwithout but nothing is being thrown... Maybe I understood something wrong?
  6. KerbalKlinic 1.2.0 released Changelog: - now compatible with ksp 1.4.1
  7. It is a normal routine mission for the fist SSTO of Kerbin, there are important Kerbals on the plane, but something doesnt go as planned... Can you save the crew and the SSTO? Or will they die in a huge explosion? This is my first try with the mission builder. Download (Google Drive) Hints:
  8. I want to trigger the next node when 2 conditions are met (5 km height and 300 m/s speed) but if I place the 2 nodes one after another (Start Node --> 5km Node --> 300 m/s Node --> next node) it isnt good because someone could fly up to 5 km, then fly back down to reach the 300 m/s and then the next node will be triggered. But I want it that the next node only triggers when you are 5 km up and have 300 m/s speed.
  9. Update 1.1.0 - Added KAC Mode: Use the button to create an KAC alarm with 3 - 60 seconds margin before the burn and warp to the alarm (Activate in settings). It is similar to the stock "Warp to next maneuver" but it accounts the KER burn time. The KAC alarm will be automatically deleted. - Some changes to the warp decrease system
  10. Ok then I dont know what I could do. Sorry that it didnt work but thanks for the help
  11. @Rocket In My Pocket I think it should work now with HyperWarp
  12. Yes it does not work with the Better Time Warp Hyperwarp but in the Standartwarp it should work. I will try to fix it
  13. It worked as I tested it with my modded game and it worked ( i had KAC installed too). What do you have for other mods installed? And does it stop warp or does it nothing?
  14. No it only stops warp for the maneuver of the current vessel
  15. Node Alert 1.2.0 for KSP 1.4.1 Requires Kerbal Engineer Redux by cybutek The Mod plays an alarm sound everytime you are close to the burn start (1/2 burn time) and stops the timewarp. If the burn is close to completion it plays another alert. It requires KerbalEngineerRedux because it has better predictions than stock and I use the KER predictions. If you enable the KAC Alarm Mode you can press a button to create an KAC alarm with 3 - 60 seconds margin before the burn and warp to the alarm. It is similar to the stock "Warp to next maneuver" but it accounts the KER burn time. (The warp will stop at KER burntime + Margin). Requires Kerbal Alarm Clock by TriggerAu. Features Automatic alert at the start of the maneuver burn Automatic timewarp stop Alert at the end of the maneuver burn KAC Alarm mode: Similar to "Warp to next maneuver" but accounts for KER burn time and has a smaller margin (Requires Kerbal Alarm Clock) Customizable settings Pictures & Videos Download & Source Code GitHub(with source code) SpaceDock Or get it via CKAN Changelog License The mod is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
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