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  1. Ah, I have discovered the problem. I did not find the 'Weapon Manager' item because it didn't come up when I searched for it. It was exactly where you said it was!
  2. Yea, I figured it would be that easy. Only problem is that, with a fresh install, I still have the same problem. My 'Weapon Manager' still does not appear as an item.
  3. I am contemplating doing a complete fresh install. There are three files in that .Zip I downloaded: BDArmory, PhysicsRangeExtender and the modulemanager.dll. Assuming I install them all inside gamedata, does the order in which I do it matter?
  4. Hello there, I've recently started modding KSP again, and I wanted to try out BDArmory and its addon mod North Kerbin Dynamics. As you can probably tell from the thread title, I've been having an issue. I've managed to install BDArmory, PhysicsRangeExtender and North Kerbin Dynamics in the most recent version of KSP. The items were all in working order, as far as I could tell, but I was missing a very important one: the Weapon Manager. I've re-installed the mods countless times, but the problem keeps reoccurring. I have either been downloading outdated versions of the mods, or I am doing
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