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  1. On 7/27/2021 at 1:47 AM, IgorZ said:

    Not without code changes. In what use-case you'd need to have more than 100m range? For a spot light such distance seems more than enough.

    Was trying to attach it to landing gears, but because the range is short, landing at night was hard.


    But I managed to edit another mod (Aviation Lights) to give me the required range.



  2. CKAN.InvalidModuleFileKraken: TweakScale v2.4.5.1: C:\Users\Crimson\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp77E7.tmp has length 288150, should be 256221
       at CKAN.NetModuleCache.Store(CkanModule module, String path, String description, Boolean move)
       at CKAN.NetAsyncModulesDownloader.ModuleDownloadComplete(Uri url, String filename, Exception error)

    Hey @Lisias I am getting this error from CKAN while trying to update.

    lol we posted in the same time @Nova1

  3. 23 minutes ago, Serenity said:

    Maybe there should be a small redesign on forums to promote and somehow motivate more all the amazing mod creators, i don't know how exactly but

    it would be nice to see some added support to the modding community, its going to be a long ride till KSP2 and things like that would definitely ease that transition.

    Since the game is about to be considered complete, I suspect a ton of dead mods coming back to life.

  4. 1 hour ago, OrbitalManeuvers said:

    I'm able to confirm that without any planet pack, the sky is black in the daytime. But this same build works fine with JNSQ. Here's the log from the black sky install:


    This explains why I don't have the black sky issue since I have a Planet pack installed.

    But you still got the KSC lights issue ?

  5. I updated recently and shadows looked bad a bit like the old bugged ones, so obvious on Minmus, went to Scatterer options and put quality to very high (was on low) and Shadows got fixed for me.

    But the Aliasing is so bad especially those Gigantor Solar panels they Aliasing so bad, I have Anti Aliasing in in-game options on x8 but it seems it does nothing, it was fine on previous Scatterer.

  6. 9 hours ago, hemeac said:

    As an untested hot-patch, you could try changing line 42 of Kopernicus/Config/SolarPanels.cfg to @name = KopernicusSolarPanels.  That may not be the final solution as will need to test through combinations of mods in which this patch has created issues in the past

    Made the change, No more B9 Warning message, Everything seems fine for now.

    I cheated to get to another star system, Solar panels recognized the new star and it seems everything working fine.

  7. 20 minutes ago, hemeac said:

    @Juba, Could you try testing your game with Near Future and Kopernicus, but exclude Interstellar and see if you still get the errors? I suspect that it is a combination of the three that is producing the error. Should be a "relatively" easy fix if that is the issue.

    Well I did and the message went away.. huh!

    Here is the new log file if you need it


  8. 1 hour ago, nightingale said:


    are you actually getting the science for it, but it's just not completing the contract?  If so, can you provide your save file so I can take a closer look?


    Yes it gives the science but doesn't complete the contract.

    I ended up completing the contract through Debug Toolbar but I think I have older saves with the contract still active, will send you the file tomorrow.

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