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  1. This mod is so much fun. You never fail to impress. Thank you!
  2. This sounds really interesting. I like the idea of the different play styles. Looking forward to trying this.
  3. You are on a roll mate! Your mods are great. This one looks fantastic.
  4. @walkman01 I noticed the same thing when I started my career. After the orbit Kerbin contract it went straight to explore Kereksus. Then I installed contract configurator with Exploration Plus contract pack. It does the same thing but once I did a flyby of the Mun I received the rest of the Mun contracts (orbit, land, etc.). The stock contracts didn't change but with Exploration Plus it has worked with every planet/moon I've visited so far. Just flyby and then you get the rest of the contracts (or at least that's how it worked for me). Not sure what will happen with all of the new bodies/systems because I'm not nearly that far along but this is such a great mod and there are so many ways to make money its still fun. But if you like the contracts to progress like I do, maybe this will help a little.
  5. I just loaded the entire KSS package and it works perfectly. Its like a "never ever run out of things to do" mod. Amazing work! Cheers!
  6. @TheSpacePotato Yeah I was reading about the new kopernicus update. But thanks for letting me know. Either way, I just installed the current KSS and it is insane! A bit more of a challenge than the stock system I've been playing . Thank you for such a cool mod
  7. Hey guys. I'm new to the forum and I have to say that this mod looks amazing. I've been reading through a lot of the previous posts and the wiki and I can't wait to start a new career with KSS. I just had one small question. If I start a new career with the current release of KSS will my save likely break when Part 2 is released? I gather its a huge update so if it does, cool. More practice. If this has an obvious answer, sorry. I'm dumb and don't know things .