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  1. Somewhat fast-paced realism. Yes, I've played RP-0 and enjoy it very much.
  2. It's doubtful the rule creators thought of a mod creator dying. I'm not sure what would happen in terms of copyright law in a situation like this, but in general copyright in the U.S. is valid for the lifetime of the author plus 75 years, I believe. There could be an exception, and in this case specifically I would imagine that somebody would be allowed to pick it up. I would hope he simply got burned out without comment, but I'm not ruling out any possibilities here.
  3. As already pointed out in this post, it's illegal to re-distribute it unless you're given written consent by the original author.
  4. Apologies for not maintaining this thread in a while. I was anxious to have my birthday, and in addition got a little burned out, and me and a friend were playing the DarkMultiPlayer mod and I totally forgot about this. First of all, thanks @SBKerman for the reminder! Second, you should expect a post in the next few days.
  5. I've been having this issue too. Unfortunately, for me, it only displays if I have a Kerbal Konstructs addon added (such as KerbinSide). In addition, none of the buildings I place down actually save, and say if I save a building and then realize I made a mistake, I can't select it and edit again, nor can I view ANY of the statics placed on Kerbin. That list is just, well, blank. MODDED .log file: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=output_log.txt Due to the way Dropbox is working, I can only upload my modded .log file. I will try to get a stock .log file uploaded sometime soon. For clarification's sake, I tested both Issue 1 and Issue 2 following the steps. I noticed it with my mods list and later tested it alone and it still occurred. Reproduction steps: (for issue 1) Update to 1.4.4 with Making History expansion pack Install KerbinSide Remastered, or any other mod that adds more statics for KK, in addition to KK. Load game and create/load a new save The additions will not exist, such as KerbinSide Remastered taxiways. Push Ctrl + K it won't work If KerbinSide Remastered is installed, and no other statics mods, then it will only bring up a window that says "no supported modules found", similar to what tonimark has. Reproduction steps: (for issue 2) Update to 1.4.4 with Making History expansion pack Install ONLY Kerbal Konstructs Place a static anywhere Attempt to delete the static (it will not delete) Enable colliders You can now drive on it and such Try to reselect it or view all/local instances You can view it, and if colliders are enabled, drive on it and land on it, etc, but you cannot edit it again, because you cannot select it again Save and quit Reload the save file Go to where you placed your static It will not exist anymore, it was not saved
  6. Another update, not quite as long. Kerbal 2 Target Buoy Eternity 1, first space station Tourism Mun Probes That's all summed up in about 2 hours of playtime. Next time: station experiments, more mun probes, kerbin ops (and maybe a surprise)
  7. The first missions were conducted last time - this time, I have a lot more! Project Patriot Project Explorer Reboot Project High Space Project Diplomat Project Kerbal Next time: First space station, Mun flybys and orbits, and kerbed orbits and return (not necessarily in that order).
  8. Coltastican Space Agency Don't mind the stupid name. I thought it up at a restaurant and had no better ideas. If you need a slightly more backstory, check the About the Person Writing spoiler. Oh, also, spoilers with anomalies on them (excluding the one at the space center) have a tag stating so. You'll know the tag if you see it. Flight Log (Kerbed missions) Operational Fleet (as of latest update) About the Person Writing Game Difficulty Settings Cosmos Program, first unkerbed missions Project Explorer Next time: Tons more missions, lost of failures, first orbit, and first orbit and recovery (all unkerbed - only one kerbed test flight is completed, and i'm also excluding rover missions)
  9. "Okay, it's not necessarily launching a vessel. It started happening yesterday, requiring frequent restarts of the game (with which my mod list, it's about 15 minutes), and has gotten consistently worse to the point that at the end of day i can only change scenes twice before the entire game breaks down. If I'm in flight, I can't recover the vessel or go to the space center or even go to the main menu - not even quick save or load. If I'm on an EVA, I can have -5 flags... If it's at the space center, since it is a sandbox save, I can only access the astronaut complex, but as soon as I do all of my astronauts (thankfully unsaved) lose their experience. If I'm in an editor, I can do things like modify the vessel, scrap it, and load them, but I cannot save the vessel, launch, or quit. it just does nothing. The KSP.log and the console say: "[ERR 21:14:34.298] PartLoader: Encountered exception during compilation. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at PartLoader.ReplaceTextures (UnityEngine.GameObject model, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 textureNames, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 newTextures) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0" but of course I shall provide the full log. It's terrible. It's definately a mod conflict somewhere, and all of my mods are up to date save for Kerbal Engineer. I've verified the cache, rebooted, reinstalled even, started a completely fresh, blank new slate of a save and literally nothing has work. No possible solution I have found anywhere regarding this issue has worked. Mod List: https://imgur.com/a/qV4OQ4x Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/home/KSP stuff
  10. I just wanted to let folks know that the thread is not dead - I am busy doing some play sessions for future chapters and writing the next said chapter - it should be ready in a day or two.
  11. Nice! Just one question, though - what mod are the slabs that Camp Saucer was sitting on from?
  12. Entry 5 August 31, 1956 I walked into Gene’s office simply not knowing what to expect. Gene was only one of four kerbals who had wanted me in his office this early in the morning. The other kerbals waiting for me was Dr. Wernher von Kerman, our resident scientist, Dr. Henry, the chair of the Committee of Field Science, and then Walt Kerman, who was simply our Public Relations Department representative. No one really knows why he was a hazmat suit… The rooms' walls were covered in wood paneling, with the far wall having various newspapers such as The Daylight Register and The Today’s Chronicle. Gene was always the type of kerbal to read the newspaper before his daily briefing, which is unique for a kerbal who sits upon a vast wealth of power. The group of 4 kerbals, collectively known as the Group of 4, weren’t the only kerbals in the room. There was one from the Bureau of Naval Defense and another from the Civil Aerospace Defense Service. The kerbal from the BND was proudly wearing the Marine Commendation ribbon on his uniform, and it seemed he prized it well. Dr. Henry was the first to speak to me. As he began to speak, the door behind me was locked, with two more Bureau of Naval Defense officers guarding it. “So, Mark, if that’s what you prefer to be called. Before we begin our order of business, we all would like to congratulate you on your promotion to Flight Director-“ “Wait, what?” was my simple, only response. I was rather surprised, as I had always imagined Gene being the Flight Director. I was patiently awaiting a response from any of the kerbals in the room before me. Gene was the next to speak up. “Were you not informed, Mark?” “Nope. Nobody said so much as a whisper towards me about it.” I was still rather confused. “Well, suffice to say I voluntarily stepped down from my position as Flight Director in order to focus more on running the agency. You were a valuable part of my team, and as such I intended to have you as my successor whenever I retired or stepped down.” “Well, nobody told me anything. Now I do sincerely apologize Dr. Henry, please continue what you were saying.” Deep down, I was never informed of this change in my position, or that Gene intended to make me his successor, but it was all done and over with and I couldn’t change much unless I wanted to name someone my successor and step down. Dr. Henry continued where he left off. “Yes, we would like to congratulate you on your promotion to Flight Director, Mark. Upon the recommendation of Gene Kerman and the Group of 4, you are hereby an official member of Sector J and the Group of 4 – now to be renamed the Group of 5. As Flight Director, you are now authorized to know everything at the space center, including classified projects.” The airman and sailor in the room didn’t so much as flinch since I entered the room. Dr. Henry passed along two folders towards my end of the table. One of the folders was marked “Classified Projects” in bold, red letters. The other was marked “Your Responsibilities and Duties as a Flight Director” in bold, but black letters. Dr. Henry instructed me to open whichever folder I pleased. I then opened the folder containing my responsibilities and duties. Reading the only booklet in the folder, I know learned my responsibilities included: Overseeing flight operations Making sure my team is on task Taking responsibility for both my actions and my teams' actions And selecting a compatible team to ensure proper functionality. I also learned that, excluding myself, the entire Mission Control Center was on leave until I get spare time to select members of my team. Upon asking Dr. Henry, he said to pick whenever you want. I elected to conduct the interviews on the 1st of October. The final pages of the booklet contained names of potential team members and their most compatible positions within the control center. I elected to leave out the Public Affairs Officer that I would have for my team, as I felt it was not necessary at this stage of space travel. Dr. Henry then instructed me to open the Classified Projects folder at my leisure, but strictly when I was alone, and with that, ended the meeting. The door was unlocked, and we all filed out of the room followed by the guards. I suspected this wasn’t the last I would see of them. Returning to my station with lunch, there was a very important looking kerbal standing at the entrance to my office. He had to be wearing at least 13 ribbons on his chest, one of which also happened to be the Marine Commendation ribbon. He introduced himself as Brigadier General Hayes. I unlocked my door and he followed me into my office – I took an educated guess that he might want the door locked and the blinds shut. General Hayes announced he was working for Project Sandcastle. He shared with me sensitive information that essentially dimmed down to the government’s plans to put a kerbal on the Mun sometime in the future, and elaborated secondary goals that included putting the first kerbal in space, the first satellite in orbit around both Kerbin and the Mun, and then the first kerbal in orbit of both bodies as well. He said I was also considered the “flag officer of the space agency,” and was hereby promoted to Air Kadet of the Kerbin Military Defense Force Space Forces. General Hayes, finished with his briefing, asked for the door to be unlocked as he had to return to a classified site, obviously not knowing I was now part of Sector J. Like the guards, I assumed this would not be my last encounter with him, but merely my first. As I am writing this entry, it is now getting later and later by the minute and I should close this entry for the night. I have a sneaking suspicion It will be a busy day for me.
  13. Entry 4 August 30, 1956 Yesterday, in order to get us a little bit of money, we built a craft to test a protective fairing and a wheel. Not much happened during that bit of testing, but we got the job done and a little bit of funds with it. The craft didn’t last long. Anyway, I was assigned to the control room today for the flight. The plane used will be the Liberty 1, but since I am not technically a private pilot yet, I cannot test fly it so Jebediah will be flying it for the mission. The flight was an overwhelming success if not a little long – Jebediah found what he calls Southern Point but did not perform a landing due to fears that the ground is a little less than flat. Gene sternly told Jebediah that we will land there but failed to provide a date of when this might happen. The report said it had a beautiful view of the ocean right at the foot of a mountain with a relatively steep cliff going to the ocean – not the gentle, sandy beaches we have at the space center. Bill got a little excited when Gene said they would get around to building a few residences there for the astronauts, being the engineer and all. From what I hear, the next biggest challenge is flying supplies to the location, which with the size of the storage in the Liberty 1, will be next to impossible. The flights will be spendy, since not only will we have to deploy the 30 grand Freedom 1, we will have to purchase the inflatable materials which add to the cost of the deployment, guaranteed to go above our current budget by a longshot. Earlier in the day, Gene handed me a couple of reports from the government outlining our performance, giving us 12 and 9 grand per report. Gene expects that once we achieve orbit, our funding will be upped by a few notches to encourage us to push ever further with our new-found money. We’re beginning to rely less and less on contracts, but Gene says we should still take a few in between quarterly reports. In this mornings briefing folder, the VAB crews elected to include that Jebediah would begin his training this October, in preparation to become the first kerbal in space. As Flight Director of this particular mission, Gene said there would be less fault directed towards me since it is a manned mission. I’ve always appreciated Gene’s encouraging words, but things are only going to get stressful from here. In related news, the payload is absolutely amazing! Well, not the payload. The payload itself is actually quite ugly – a computer core, a flywheel to help turn the craft in space, and a radio antenna so we can talk to the satellite when we get line of sight. We have a few around the equator, but only for a fraction of the orbit will we have a direct connection to the satellite, and it doesn’t help that we might have to talk by phone to other tracking centers as the “supreme commander.” Wernher von Kerman, our chief scientist, payed a visit to me on my lunch break and ran down a few issues with my design for a new plane. It was much cheaper, and he commended me on that, but since I wasn’t directly observing the takeoff I only now learned that the plane had a tendency to tilt back onto its tail. The plane will be put out of service for a little while until both I and the engineering team can agree on how to fix it – I’m not a fan of the style of the tail anyway. Bob said he is getting a little antsy to get into space, and can’t wait to get to the Mun or Minmus. It’s only going to be stressful for the probes we inevitably send there first, but I share his excitement in seeing the first pictures from the far side of the Mun. Not only is this entry getting long, but it’s now 10:45 in the evening and I should probably be getting some sleep for tomorrow – Gene wants to see me in his office about an hour before Kerbolrise. I can only wonder for what he might want.
  14. Entry 3 July 17, 1956 Since the mission to find the local southernmost point hasn’t actually begun, I took a chance to swing by the engineers’ rec room on my morning break and dropped off the designs. The engineer in charge took a look at them, and to my amazement and confusion, starting laughing. After the fit was over, he simply looked at me and said “I didn’t expect this from a controller.” I take that as a “it’ll be put to trials as soon as possible.” I hope it gets a chance to fly the mission in a few days’ time. The House of Senators also recently passed legislation regarding the space agency. I’m not one to jump into politics, but I had to write this after I heard what the legislation was about. The legislation proposed sending kerbals into space, and as an agency owned and run by the government, we are required by law to listen to this legislation. Jebediah is in training sessions at Space City* to become the first kerbal in space, or so I hear. We won't be immediately rushing astronauts into space. We can only imagine how the USKR will respond. The Control Center is also going under a refit over the next couple of days to allow for manned missions of all sorts. It won’t be that big of an expansion, but most notably we get these new-fangled computers instead of having to write down important information all the time. I’m personally a little indifferent towards these computers. I’ve been particularly observing a new little moonlet orbiting Kerbin. I don’t really call it anything, but I’ll be sure to take some of my reports to the Science Conference tomorrow. In the mean time, Gene called me to a mass conference in the large Briefing Room. Gene said that the Liberty 1 will be put to airspace patrols near the space center, and that I will be the first to fly it – he also said Jebediah and Valentina will get a chance at flying the Liberty 1 as well. I hope they like it just as much as I do. *Space City is a reference to the Soviet/Russian Star City used to train their cosmonauts. If I remember correctly, it has the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
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