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  1. My ST-DOS and COS can not show their docking ports on their respective nodes. I did delete most of solar panels in ST-GEN but the Welding Port since those solar panels wont be tracked in my Kerbalism gameplay (and why a Welding Port be stranded in the ST-GEN folder?) Though ST-DOS still able to load these solar panels to the MAX-L, their docking ports just refuse show up. My current guess is the SSTUModularStationCore has connection to ModelData-DockingPorts.cfg somehow but I cant fathom why the DOS/COS docking ports wont show up in the VAB and their right-click menu. My tinkering are futile. Also, where can I find the config file to unlock SSTU-ST-DockUpgradeMedium / Small / Large? I can't find it in the Upgrades folder. PS: If you're not already correct it, The IVA for E-FSX is off in the z axis by -13 units. Love your mods
  2. There's some weird missing transparency texture for Mk16 parachute every time using @Electrocutor patch in November 20th (page 5 in this thread). The screenshot attached using ksp 1.3.1 x64 d3dx11. Current rig is a 10 years old Core2Duo paired with an nVidia GT430. Log file