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  1. I can't see stock missions. I will try to uninstall and clear everything before downloading from steam again.
  2. I like to visually line up my pa's and ap's but this update doesn't allow throttle changes while in this view. Fresh, no mods. Reproduce: Get into a position where you can throttle your ship safely while looking through here and find that it will stay consistent to what you left the previous screen,
  3. Can confirm, EVA'd out of a jet expecting a chute option... There was none.
  4. Funny how the people who are most outraged over this are the people who either do not understand it or didn't read it.
  5. Yes, it will be a ongoing process to optimize the game. Although KSP 1.4.0 uses a newer version of the Unity engine which I have noticed an improved multi threading load on my CPU, evenly distributed all across my cores to remove stutters I used to get on 1.3.1. Memory allocation and management is still a problem that will be not solved any time soon I imagine
  6. I fixed it by using steam verify integrity of game files tool, would of done essentially this fix anyway. Nice writeup
  7. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/4f66717f59fffe6d4c7689897e2d033f74e09401ee972a954965125e1cd0af9c Steam discussions are worried the new update contains a virus because Webroot has falsely flagged the wrapper for Xbox controller support.
  8. This is amazing, the updated unity engine alone is amazing for modders in the community We are going to hold you to that as well. Lets see how this DLC rolls out and the hot fixes shortly after. This update contains a varied amount of additions and changes which is always welcoming, I hope you keep a consistent release rollover like you have today because this is great. Parachutes are fun, it should have a toggle on the options when choosing difficultly to either start with parachutes or none till upgraded as it removes any threat of losing herbals. While I keep
  9. Nice work, I want to see if I can recreate some of these using kOS for refining my precision and camera mods for the cinematic experience and flyby angles. I bet this will cost many kerbals..
  10. Github hyperlinks to 0.05 release, latest version is 0.10 https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/releases/ Discord has links to edge releases
  11. These guys have fixed the issue with time syncing with subspace allocation. Anytime someone warps they are sent to a separate subspace with that offset. People can "Sync" to your time if they wish to see your vessel, or the server owner can allow people to see past vessels. Multiplayer is not impossible.
  12. I feel they are missing an opportunity to work with the dedicated fans who build the modding scene and incorporate well-designed, highly embraced mods into the game with reference to the modder in the credits as a tribute. The modding scene, I believe is one of the main reasons KSP has survived as long as it did as each mod provides more replayability and overall enjoyability. The game menu screen hyperlinks to the forums when it should just be working with CKAN to integrate modding seamlessly; everything you suggested has been conceptualized and worked on by a dedicated fan of the game w
  13. I was working on this exact idea, thank god someone got the idea working! You legand! <3
  14. Insane work, will this be able to be incorporated with other world packs like GPP, also, can this be used with GalacticNeighborhood to connect these worlds throughout many galaxies?
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