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  1. On CKAN, what is the difference between the RSS config and the stock one?
  2. I don't suppose you're thinking of adding clouds and textures to Minmus? It looks completely flat and boring at the moment. Excellent work on everything else.
  3. I have a Gtx-970. Also, here is the image:
  4. KSP 0.90. Modifying the sweet fx txt and the gem settings txt file does nothing, neither does adjusting anything else. It's so annoying.
  5. I don't know if this thread is dead or not, but I really need some help. I've installed this mod and done everything it asked, but the effect in general is far too strong. It is too bright and desaturated. The attached pic is what I'm dealing with. I have also managed to activate the experimental corner-ray effect. You can see the lines emitting from the Kerbal. This effect I want, but I would also like to tone it down. I've tried adjusting the settings with the Shift-Enter command, but this seems to have absolutely no effect. The same with the brightness settings in the txt file in my KSP directory. Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Ok, apparently I can't add pics for whatever reason. Can someone please help me based on the information provided? Thank you.
  6. Excellent work on this mod. I don't suppose you can separate the mods, so that we can download only certain parts of the mod if we want to? Like the glass texture for the Kerbals or the music?
  7. Thanks for the reply Nathankell, I'll give Fineprint a try. Jsimmons, also thanks, but it says under remaining issues: "Does not fix suborbital and orbital contract altitudes for RSS."
  8. Hey all. I'm sorry to add yet another problem, but this one is sort of ruining the game for me. I'm using real Kerbin on hard career, so every penny counts just to get into orbit. The main source of income are contracts, however I am unable to complete certain ones because of the logic behind how they are completed. On one I get asked, "test rocket motor on sub-orbital trajectory - altitude, 80,000m to 90,000m", and on another I get asked, "test scientific equipment in orbit - 90,000m to 100,000m." As the game defines the beginning of space to be 120,000m, I cannot complete the latter contract, and as it defines sub-orbital to be any point between in space and 90,000m (or there abouts), it is impossible to to be "sub-orbital" below 90,000, and so the former contract is impossible as well. I don't know if this is a problem that is possible for you to fix, but if someone would reply telling me if there is anything I can do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, and also thanks for this great mod. Getting into orbit with Real Kerbin is so much more fun and challenging than stock.
  9. Have you ever considered having monoliths as more than just decoration? Think of it like this - place the first monolith on Kerbin, hidden. Have a special sensor guide you loosely to it, but not directly to. Upon discovery, you are given a hint as to the next location. This goes on for a while, with a reward and hint at each monolith. Finally, when you reach the last monolith (orbiting the sun or something) you are given the coordinates to a previously hidden external star system with a single planet. An ultimate reward of some kind awaits you there. In my humble opinion, it seems like a pretty good game play mechanic for campaign. Thanks for reading (To avoid copyright, you could maybe replace the monoliths with prometheus-esque compounds or something cool that can be explored. Also, maybe make the star system campaign only? I'd like to earn it rather than go straight to it.)