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  1. I saw mentioned in a much earlier post that one of the attachable parts had Scansat capabilities as long as both mods were installed? Is that still true? I can't seem to find any.
  2. @helaeon Sounds interesting, for someone who's never played Elite could you elaborate on what these changes mean? Is there an ETA on this update dropping or will it just be ready when it's ready? Love your work btw, thanks man!
  3. @Denko666 Sounds like a handful man, thanks for putting in the effort, I just downloaded the KSS mod and a warp drive I could use would be real useful haha, never could get the hang of using a star to slow down relative velocity etc.. guess I should just check back here every now and then for updates?
  4. Hey man, have been a big fan of the IXS throughout its many iterations, it's great to see someone maintaining and improving on the idea, keep it up and thanks a bunch! Was also wondering if there's any update on the missing develocitize option from the warp ring that some people mentioned back in July, was hoping it would be amended in future versions but I'm still having the issue. I'm happy to post any logs you need to help out. Thanks dude!
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