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  1. i was wondering, does anyone know how servers like sundevil treat playermade structures? can i build a mining drill + refueling station around minmus, or do they clean up all player made stuff every few days?
  2. the graphic card on my pc is excrements, but if that was the problem, why would it only happen in dmp? but it would explain why the crashes only happen when loading (entering a building, getting back from a launch), because the game will demand more from the pc at those moments right?
  3. since i'm not really getting any response from darklight, i will post the error logs from after the previous ones were made, in case they might help more. http://www.mediafire.com/?3kxd2iojb2jjt for some weird reason mediafire refused to upload the crash.dmp files of 2017-12-08_110854 and 2017-12-06_185100 when i tried to manually upload these, mediafire told me "File upload failed due to a network timeout. Please retry upload. Depending on your browser, this may have been caused by attempting to upload a folder. Folder uploads are not permitted." could be completely unrelated to the problem, but at the same time, maybe it could be related (yes, retried to upload these two multple times, same result).
  4. so if i backup the folder saves, it will also save my progress on a multiplayer server? how far i'm in the tech tree,funds,upgrades etc.?
  5. can anyone besides godarklight take a look at my error logs? he doesn't seem to be on this forum a lot.
  6. here they are: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/aj7faqxedvge2/error_logs_(DMP) if there is any other information needed, feel free to reply me
  7. could someone help me out? i installed DMP and i am playing on a server with a few friends, but my game keeps crashing at random moments, like when i switch from building, just finished a flight, go to launchpad. When i start up the game and exit, verify my files in steam, it will say 1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired, every time. even if i quit before i enter a server. My friends don't have this problem for some reason, they don't crash. How can i fix this? i have only 1 mod installed, and that's DMP.
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