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  1. foxtrot1911

    [1.3.1] Probe Control Room Recontrolled

    Just commenting here to say a huge thank you for keeping this mod updated. It is a most have for me and for many others!
  2. Good days. I started playing with a friend, so the first thing we tried was a way to play multiplayer (thanks DMP). So we start try to understand what was/is the game about. My first ships was just some pieces of solid fuel engines, it couldn't do much, it will explode soon after launch, but i was enjoying. I was enjoying the fact that the game allowed me to do whatever i want. Me and my friend started to learn how to get something to space, and doing it online was great. We had a lot of fun in the beginning. After some time i was willing for more, so i started learning what i could. This remains until today. Best game ever.
  3. Everything working fine for the tests i've made. Thank you! I'll share with RSS/RO players in case anyone want to use too.
  4. Is there a way i can use the 0.4.0 in ksp 1.2.2? I play with RSS/RO/RP-0, so i'm not able to use the newer ksp versions. And thank you for putting your time into this!