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  1. And there go all my funds.
  2. CalvinWinz

    [1.6.1] Kerbal Krash System (0.4.6) 2018-03-15

    When will this be updated for 1.3.1?
  3. CalvinWinz

    What planets have you made it to?

    It might just be me actually. The last time I tried to go to the Mun, I landed on it with no fuel left, poor Jeb being stuck out there for months until I rescued him, along with another kerbal from Munar orbit. I actually used most of my fuel too.
  4. CalvinWinz

    What planets have you made it to?

    Afaik, I made it as far as Duna, although it was a badly planned mission, so quicksave. I made countless trips to Minmus, and haven't been to the Mun lately because of it's huge delta-v gap between the two bodies.
  5. CalvinWinz

    What did you do in KSP today?

    You're gonna have to trust me when I say this. I had installed BetterTimeWarp a while ago, and was messing around with the custom physics warp configurations. I was playing a Minmus scenario for fun, when I had to re-enter Kerbin. The cockpit exploded, thanks to my lackluster skill, and Criske had vanished. I wanted to watch the rest of the plane debris crash into Kerbin, but it was taking too long, so I made a 50x physics warp...yeah, the outcome is anything but good. After the plane debris entered a crash trajectory, the plane parts started to krakenify under 50x physics warp, and once it had touched the ground, the whole thing had exploded, and the camera switched to a reaction wheel, which was travelling at lightspeed, I think! Don't do timewarp, kids.
  6. CalvinWinz

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    My laptop just breathed a sigh of relief. Time to find out...
  7. That's good! I know this question might have been asked a bunch, but will there be favorable compatibility for those 1.3.1 people? I know I can rollback my game, but some people don't want their mods, ya know, broke. Edit: If this mod was built upon Kopernicus, will it still work with new versions of it, like 1.3.1?
  8. I really like how this pack's coming, but I feel like it would total my memory beyond my threshold. Anyways, for the people that do have it, I hope you have an amazing time uncovering all of the various systems and planets! Maybe a series will arise.
  9. So, I was performing a Minmus rendezvous, pushing my kerbal rescuing abilities. I had come right next to the kerbal, which was relieved to have seen the floating vessel, especially when they're stranded in low minty orbit. I switched over to the kerbal, and began inching towards the craft, when suddenly, BOOM! The vessel, containing the probe core and another rescued kerbal, had vanished in a fiery cover. It had seemed, the vessel had been in a crash trajectory with Minmus. "Well, time to load my last quicksave." Thank god I made one before the rendezvous.
  10. CalvinWinz

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Great work on the update to 1.3.1! Now, I just need a new PC... Jokes aside, really nice planet pack, It's nice that more people are given the opportunity to explore this amazing system if they haven't already.
  11. CalvinWinz

    [1.4] PersistentRotation 1.8.5

    I want to clear this up, is this compatible with 1.3.1? Just checkin'.
  12. I know this thread has aged beyond ancient, but would anybody be up for a recompile? Will linuxgurugamer fly to this mod and bring it up from the graveyard? Probably not the second scenario, but I would like to incorporate this mod into my game. Don't want to think about kerbal death, even if the game is notorious for that.
  13. Very promising mod. Good work, hope to see more of this!