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    [1.3.1] Syncrio: Scenario Syncing

    Yes, i using Dark Multiplayer.
  2. aroker

    [1.3.1] Syncrio: Scenario Syncing

    Hey. We play with a friend on version 1.3.1 and we have a problem with the reputation. Even if the kerbals do not perish, the reputation can fall sharply. In the center of kerbanals, one extra is in the designated ones, but it is impossible to interact with him. Because of what, it's still impossible to play in the career mode. This was observed on version 1.3.0 and previous version of Syncrio . Sorry for my English. P.S. And when we create a new game, the number of kerbals is different for us. At me 16, and at the friend 20 on hard difficult