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  1. I don't know what it was causing the issue, but it worked. Thanks! What I did in case it helps anyone else: I removed all the MODs from the GameData folder (be sure to leave the Squad folder ) I downloaded all the mods I want to use from USI mod suite. Just to be sure I have the newest version. Then ran the game. All was there. Turned off the game and moved the rest of the mods I use back to the GameData folder, and voila! all is there again.
  2. I am having the same issue. So i understand that you fixed it by uninstalling all of your MODS, reinstalling ONLY @RoverDude's suit of MODS. This got it to work when you reinstalled the rest of your MODS? I just want to confirm that is what you did, I will do the same thing to try and correct this. Before I start ripping my GameData folder apart to try and correct this MOD (I love building on site and Konstruction MOD is perfect for this. Almost breaks the game for me if I don't have it)
  3. If you do, please leave it as a SCI-Fi type visual mod, please. And dont bloat it. KSP already has memory leakage + issues in it's C# engine. Lite is better.
  4. "Cheating" is like love, 'tis in the eye of the beholder... No worries rocket! Still on topic! ScifiVE is the coolest visual MOD IMO kOS >= MechJeb #depending what you're interested in if == 1 else != 0 The thing I love about KSP overall, is that you can learn so much from the game. The thing I love about KSP + the modding community is that you can learn even more! SciFiVE just makes it look cool Thank you for this one panzer1b panzer1b Have you tried using linux as an OS to run KSP? #not promoting now but, I have been a linux user for about 12 >= years, never considered it for games. Then I tried with KSP about 2 months ago. It runs so much better. I have always dual booted Windows + Fedora, I always use Fedora for what I need a computer for, and always used Windows for its office suite and Games. Really never even thought I would go through the trouble of putting KSP on it... and when I had some free time I tried it... I will never go back. (for KSP that is) How this might help?
  5. If you boil it down... you really only *NEED* one mod... kOS It can do everything any other mod can do, unless its just a mod that add parts or is visual.
  6. Hello @Waz, & @panzer1b, I am 100% sure that this issue was my fault. Apologies if any of you tried to replicate it. I sat up until late last night trying all kinds of things. Some you you scratch your head at I am sure. I gave up, and went to bed. Pondered the issue for a while, woke up and ran Prime95 to stress test my PC to rule out any more possibilities. Yup... it was my PC not being stable. SMH!!!! I immediately thought I have to delete my KSP Forum account and pretend I am someone else. Then I had a cup of coffee and thought I need to own up to this mistake so you don't possibly waste any of your time trying to replicate this!
  7. I have to agree here. This is by far my favorite visual MOD. Looks like our computers are the same I over clocked both my i7 and 1070ti just because. But with this Visual MOD, it is not even needed. Yet IMO this visual pack add the most to this game, of all the visual packs. Realism is cool, but I want to be in AWE... This MOD does that all without being a resource hog (KSP already is enough with it's RAM leakage issues). Good job panzer1b.
  8. @panzer1b, Would this bug belong to SciFiVE? or would you think something else? Bug.png?dl=0 The surface of Kerbin is being illuminated from 250,000m via the lights on my Space Station. Searched the Forums and Google, couldn't find this issue anywhere else.
  9. Hello @Waz, & @panzer1b, Enjoying these mods. Thanks for the work you are doing. They are really making this game much more visually appealing. The Clouds EVE adds are IMO great looking, really don't know how they could even appear better. And I personally like the more SciFi look of the planets with SciFiVE over the more realistic mods. @Waz , I am not 100% sure. But I think the issue I am having is coming from EVE? I downloaded a clean install to run my tests to rule out anything else. And to help you rule out anything else if you care to help my issue. @panzer1b, I am not 100% sure that it is EVE doing this, so that is why I tagged you here. I have not jumped into all this knowledge (all my motivation is wrapped around learning kOS at the moment) on how to understand the logs. I have ran SciFiVE with out EVE and it works beautifully, albiet no clouds... I have ran just EVE with out SciFive and again works like the stock game... When I run the both together, I get serious glitching/freezing when at the space center or on the launchpad and launch a rocket, I usually run at around 100-120 FPS then I get a glitch/freeze and in bumps me down to around 8 - 15 FPS, It will do this a few times and then the game will crash. Here is the log from the KSP.log Here is the log from output_log I am not able to record what I did to create this, But how I did it was like this. 1. downloaded a clean install of KSP 1.3.1 2. downloaded and installed SciFiVE & EVE and put them into the GameData Folder. 3. took the Science Jr. on a flight. BTW thanks for you time, if you provide it. I am always pressed for time in my life also, so I do appreciate it. Also I read the "How to get help post a couple times now" So I think/hope I am not being derelict on my part here. EDIT: I also downloaded 1.3.0 and I just replicated the freezing/glitching in that release also. I cant't get a game crash, but I can get freezing for 30 ~ 40 seconds.