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  1. oh i get it, but the SAS part was about i made a node that i thought was perfect, but instead i wasted 2x the delta v normally used. anyway, thanks for the help.
  2. Well, it wasn't piloting at all, because with SAS on a "perfect" transfer, i've wasted 2x the fuel. so nevermind my skills of being dumb. My manuever node was way off.
  3. i need help i have been playing KSP with scatterer for awhile, but i installed EVE (haha pun) and SVE, to make it better, but it appears that i have glitched scatterer, and now the atmosphere of all planets + the ocean of all planets is a white mass. can't screenshot it right now because i'm not on my PC, but it looks like a low poly sphere when you reach space (i've done it after 7 attempts, because the sky was hurting my eyes.) Please help me solve this, as it seems many people are getting this error, even though there is no solution if you search it on Google. By the way
  4. It's isn't my piloting (although i did waste fuel accidentally trying to orbit the mun) but i couldn't do a normal orbit on kerbin, not even if i didn't waste fuel. Here it is (every symmetry mode object is in 4x, so no need for back or right) Front: Left:
  5. Thank you for helping! Anyway, what i need help is that i need more fuel to land on the Mun and get back, but if i do so, i don't have enough dV to use to go to the mun. That is what i am wondering.
  6. Essa é a minha dsc se achar um lixo comparado com os outros, meu KSP ta conflitando com scatterer e EVE com SVI
  7. So, i bought KSP some time ago, and i don't know how to reach and land in other moons. The max i did was a lunar fly-by, and i only did that by discovering rockomax thrusters. Can someone help? Image of the rocket that did the fly-by: (note: this isn't the full rocket, but the 1st stage was 4 of the biggest SRB's, 1 medium Rockomax fuel tank and 1 small Rockomax fuel tank, alng with the Mainsail engine.
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