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  1. If you need help I made a I tutorial...very basic but it covers the necessary stuff to make a working Podracer:
  2. A basic Podracer with a building tutorial. Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Tutorial-Building-a-Star-Wars-Podracer
  3. Basically it’s simple: cover the outlined canyon in the mountains to the west of the kerbal space center in a manned repulsor type Podracer (repulsor pads via kerbal Foundries). Command pod can be fixed at the front with a maximum of two engine pods, OR at the back attached via flexible chains (I-beams, Infernal Robotics uncontrolled joints). Video Below to Demonstrate. Requirements: -Craft Max Weight 25 tons. Layout: -Fixed Forward control pod, limit two engine components (i.e. two panthers only). -Rear control pod with flexible chains, limit 4 engine co
  4. Finally finished! The BTX-320 Lotus, also Podracing Mount Keverest Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/BTX-320-Lotus-Star-Wars-Podracer
  5. Speedbuild for current racer. Rework and fine tuning are not shown for sake of time.
  6. Just a quick update, I reduced the length and mass of the engine pods and gave the control pod a better set of airfoil surfaces to increase drag and stability. The lessened mass raised the top speed to 280m/s (630 mph). Another feature included are a couple of separately toggled control surfaces that give a little more control when airborne, and when both are toggled, generates downforce for more stability over rough ground. Even after including the above improvements I still wasn’t happy with the resulting maneuverability so I reattached the engines without mirror symmetry and set up their
  7. A couple days ago (before the mod took it down) I posted the above picture to reddit and asked you guys to pick which one I should build first. I got a few responses and everyone wanted the lower pod built, generally because of the cockpit I think. That said I got to work and so far this is what I’ve come up with. Given KSP has simplistic yet relatively effective physics, the average podracer simply isn’t aerodynamically (kerbodynamically?) stable. While I also have kerbal foundries for the repulsor field, it doesn’t work to stabilize a craft the way it does in Star Wars so I had to add
  8. So I figure I’ll keep this thread as kind of a running design process journal in case anyone is interested, eventually I hope to have a tutorial on building Podracers but as it is I barely have any time. That being said I’m always on the lookout for cool designs and I’ve broken them up into some different categories like sleek/modern, unconventional (odd configuration of engines or other features), steampunk/mechanical mess. So far this is what I’ve got for sleek/modern. What do you guys think?
  9. Ord Turbo T-1 A more simplistic and skeletal approach (minimalist cockpit) the Ord is built to be as fast as a two engine pod can get. I think I mostly succeeded as its lightweight(ish) and fast and stable. Maneuverability goes up when using the roll keys in concert with yaw, however stability goes down. Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Star-Wars-Podracer-Ord-Turbo-T-1
  10. The first fully functional Podracers on KSP, that DON’T use KAS parts. Enjoy! Craft files are in the description on YouTube
  11. Voltek Inferno 4x The second vehicle is a personal favorite of mine, taking heavy inspiration from Star Wars’ quad pod. Thankfully there are no legitimate power couplings to fail. That being said it’s disintegrations still look spectacular. Very maneuverable with above average speed, high center of mass lends to some instability especially on rough terrain. Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Podracer-Voltek-Inferno-4x
  12. As for the first “Production” run of Podracers I introduce a total of 3 new vehicles. First: The Vulptereen Hatchet Fish! Craft File https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Star-Wars-Podracer-The-Hatchet-Fish This pod was a simplistic attempt at creating a classic Star Wars pod design, large, bulky engines trailed by a comparatively small cockpit. It wound up being a middle of the road vehicle, being of average speed, maneuverability and stability, and so I think a respectable first production vehicle!
  13. Welcome to my Podracer Page! After quite a long hiatus I’m pleased to bring you the ONLY legitimate and functional Podracers from a Galaxy Far Far Away complete with demonstration videos and some light commentary on certain aspects. First is the father of my podracer line: the aptly named MK I: Craft File: https://kerbalx.com/GillyMonster/Star-Wars-Podracer-Mk-I The Mk I was a concept I had to make a podracer with loosely connected engines and a command pod that could move freely, it is the first successful combination of balancing drag, weight, thrust, and some mild
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