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  1. I'm really unsure on how to explain this one or if anyone has seen a similar issue, so I'll just post this photo which should explain it all: https://ibb.co/izh3qG As you can see, my encounter with Duna is looking a little off, it's been doing this will all encounters for the past couple of days, it just appeared out of the blue, no changes to any mods or anything. Not sure what could be causing this, here's a list of mods I have: DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Kerbal Engineer Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator PlanetShine ReentryParticleEffect Scatterer StockVisualEnhancements TextureReplacer KerbalAlarmClock ModuleManager I hope someone can help me, also I'm very new to this community so I apologise if I've missed out some information that would help resolve the issue. Thank you. Edit: So it turns out I changed the conic patch draw mode to dynamic which caused this to happen, and since I can't delete this embarrassing question I thought I'd put this edit in.
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