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  1. either of these two tech tree mods will work and will make you do more, and only unmanned probes at the start of the game(unkerballed start has less support for mods but it's really easy to edit)(and it will work with the mods you said atm) also career evolution still works i am using it in my current career playthrough. exploration plus will work as welll. (probes before crews has its own contract pack but i never tried it) if you are using already visual mods(especially performance heavy mods like avp), you should be using waterfall all of these mods except maybe career evolution are all avaible on CKAN.
  2. Everything just keeps looking better and better, i like the vall redesign, but with gilly's new asteroid status, does it mean eve wont have any satelite orbiting it?
  3. Woah this has been going on for a long time @Gordon Dry
  4. I have modified the engine configs for CryoEngines , both to fix the engine ignitions for the hydrolox engines(mantaining the old number of ignitions), and added Configs for the Methalox engines, i think i am going to add some more upgrades both to making history, and these CryoEngines, but that is for another time. I tried to mantain the spirit of the original configs, using irl the irl version of those engines, buuut half of these engines are just a project, and the other half has seen only the test stand(notable exception non withstanding). EngineIgnitor\MM_Configs and then MM_Cryoengines.cfg for anybody wondering
  5. i modified the support for Cryogenic Engines , to include the methalox engines and put vaccum engines in the vaccum engine tree. from my understanding methalox is still supposed to have less thrust than liquid fuel engines/ less twr, so this should be balanced but it's not tested, still definitely better than nothing tho (Also the base mod isnt consistent within itself with the techtree and some engines that kinda overlap) UnKerballedStart/Mod Support and then CryoEngines.cfg for anybody wondering
  6. In ksp 1.3.1 my kerbals can't equip any tool and can't place the screwdriver in the inventory. Also the inventory window of the kerbals doesn't say what type of kerbal it is
  7. After physics warping the delta v required to complete the maneuver starts to increase
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