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  1. I seem to be having a similar issue to RoggenHans. I have installed the new 1.3.4 pre-release version of the mod. It shows up in CKAN as 'AD' for both AutomatedScienceSampler and for KerboKatzUtilities. The mod shows up in game and I can select settings but no automated science is ever done. I still need to run everything manually. I have a similar setup to RoggenHans as well running nearly all the same mods used by Quill18 in his recent 1.3 modded career. Link to Output_log *Edit* After messing around I went into the Settings.xml file in ...\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KerboKatz\AutomatedScienceSampler\PluginData and found the settings in this XML did not match the settings I have configured in game on the KerboKatz GUI. Every setting in this XML was set to false, but many were toggled on within the GUI in game. I set some to true and false here depending on what I wanted and it worked for one mission, but then eventually this file seems to be overwritten and things are reset to false. I am still doing some tests. Should this XML file also exist in ...\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KerboKatz\PluginData ?? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Settings xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <debug>false</debug> <uiFadeSpeed>0.25</uiFadeSpeed> <uiElements> <UIData> <name>AutomatedScienceSampler</name> <position> <x>1012.99988</x> <y>-25</y> <z>0</z> </position> <active>false</active> </UIData> </uiElements> <showSettings>false</showSettings> <spriteFPS>55</spriteFPS> <craftSettings> <PerCraftSetting> <guid>Single</guid> <threshold>2</threshold> <runAutoScience>true</runAutoScience> <oneTimeOnly>true</oneTimeOnly> <resetExperiments>true</resetExperiments> <hideScienceDialog>false</hideScienceDialog> <transferAllData>false</transferAllData> <dumpDuplicates>true</dumpDuplicates> <doEVAOnlyIfGroundedWhenLanded>false</doEVAOnlyIfGroundedWhenLanded> <currentContainer>0</currentContainer> </PerCraftSetting> </craftSettings> <perCraftSetting>false</perCraftSetting> <lastGUID>Single</lastGUID> <refreshTime>1</refreshTime> <interruptTimeWarp>true</interruptTimeWarp> <dropOutOfWarp>true</dropOutOfWarp> <useKKToolbar>true</useKKToolbar> </Settings>