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  1. KSP Staff: Lets Rick-Roll our community members Me: Joke's on you, I love that song!
  2. Apparently, ISRO tested the SS-1 stage of the SSLV, and there was an anomaly. No one knows whats going on though. One reddit user took daily images of the 6C test facility of ISRO from the SENTINEL satellites and made a gif. Just one media house has reported this anomaly so far, and it appears that something went wrong with the nozzle of the rocket motor.
  3. You know, when I am presented with such conundrums, I always assume the worst. In this case, I will assume that KSP 2 will be a glitchy, soulless mess. If the game turns out great, then YAY! If the game turns out to be bad, well, at least I have mentally prepared myself for it already.
  4. Chapter 4: A "Scaythe-ing" Mission A wild launch window to Scaythe, Rhode's second closest planet appeared. Kerbals could a) Ignore it; b) Send a probe or c)Send a crew. Thus the KSC decided to choose the most unwise course of action, and decided to send a crew of four to explore all biomes of Scaythe and its smol moon Scindo. The first launch put the Hab-Lab module into orbit. This was the spaceship's core stage seating 4 kerbals, and carrying a science rover with it. The module was deployed in space and all of its subsystems were tested before the next launch. The next launch would be the Scaythe Lander and Return vehicle (SLR). Since Scaythe is one BigS celestial body, the lander had to be considerably thicc. This two-stage bad boy could ferry two kerbals to and from Scaythe's surface, and also serve as a Scindo hopper after refuelling from the mothership. Now, this is where the beauty of the kerbal smooth brain is aptly described. They initially designed a Scaythe exclusive lander which did not have docking ability along with a dedicated Scindo lander. But later they scrapped the Scindo Lander, making SLR do double duty. HOWEVER, they did not include the docking apparatus. How did they think they would refuel the SLR's upper stage without docking? I swear, sometimes the engineers can be smart and dumb at the same time. The launch of the SLR was without issues. But since it could not dock on its own, the Hab-Lab module which had the RCS ports, docked with it. They clearly did not think this through. According to Kerbal safety guidelines, propulsion modules need to be assembled separately, far away from crewed modules before the final mating. Therefore, the next launch lofted the propulsion core module into orbit, and the subsequent two launches put the drop tanks up there. The final launch put the crew of the IPV into orbit. The crew had 3 scientists and 1 pilot, with Valentina as the captain of the ship. The new crew capsule could take 4 to orbit at once. But it had not been tested before, so a lot could go wrong. Fingers crossed. And before I forget, meet the crew! 1. Valentina Kerman, Mission commander and pilot 2. Bob Kerman, Health Officer and Scientist 3. Nenard Kerman, Payload Specialist and Scientist 4. Stelfred Kerman,Payload Specialist and Scientist With all crew preparations complete, all that had to be done was the final checkout. A crewed Interplanetary spaceship incapable of communicating back home is as good as useless. So, the space center is going to launch a Comms equipment and relay satellites on a high delta-v trajectory to Scaythe to save the crippled ship.. Meanwhile, a launch window to Fury, the innermost planet of the Tempus system will open up in about 300 days. Please wait for the next installment to read more about the miscellaneous misadventures and miscalculations of Rhode's space agency. Thank you for reading!
  5. This popped up in my feed a few days ago. I saw 'Evangelion' so I clicked. Did not regret it I dont understand the lyrics, but its catchy..
  6. Would "Darth Cantankerous" be an intimidating name for a Sith Lord?
  7. I had my first motor accident!!! This incident is funny because I never had such an adrenaline high before I was driving my Scooty and a cat came out of nowhere in front of me and then I lost control and skidded into the rainwater ditch. Then a switch flipped inside me and I DRAGGED the 120 kg scooter 5 feet over a steep incline. (Despite being only 51 kg) A kind gentleman wanted to help me but my adrenaline filled brain made me shout obscenities at him... I wish I had not done that. So I managed to drag the scooter out of the ditch and returned home as if nothing ever happened. I had a few scratches on my thighs and palms. But as the adrenaline wore off, my entire body started aching and I have not been able to sleep properly.. I took painkillers but I did not tell my parents about this. They would revoke my scooter privileges if I told them. Oh and the scooter is okay too, miraculously!
  8. Interlude: The Kraken Giveth, and the Kraken Giveth Some M're Previously, on Above and Beyond, we read a report about the rescue of a 'Camald Kerman' who was mysteriously wrecked at Lua without KSC's knowledge. Today, we move back a few weeks to see what exactly the military was trying to hide when it whisked Camald Kerman away from the KSC's interrogation room. (Why does the KSC have an interrogation room? Don't ask. Just Don't..) It was a week ago when Major Camald got the permission to fly a new experimental aircraft. The X-K20, as it was called, was supposedly a revolution in aviation as it could fly near soundlessly and to much higher altitudes than any planes in production. Or so he heard. He would only believe it when he flies the plane with his own hands. After waiting a long time for approval, the opportunity was finally here. "Hmm, just 2 small rocket engines? They can't expect me to get to orbit with just that." Camald touched the fuselage of the plane. " Hey nerd, you never told me how the k-drive works." " I am afraid that is a secret, you adrenaline junkie." Mert replied coldly. " Consider yourself lucky to even lay your eyes on my masterpiece. A simpleton like you can't even comprehend the taming of the Kraken." "Hooo, a Kraken? So you are breaking the laws of physics now?" Camald asked. "Of course not, we are not breaking the laws, just extending them. This discovery shows that our understanding of the universe is far from completion." Mert sighed. " I honestly want to see what happens if we let a K-drive accelerate to speeds faster than light. Will the drive transform to energy? Will it time travel to the future? To the past? Will it break the existence as we know it?" Camald slowly inched away from the madkerb and started boarding the plane. "Well I don't know what you are blabbering about. All I can do is fly this aircraft to see if it's fit for the Air Force. I want to see how far we can push." "Oh yes, please do that." Mert nodded. "If things go well, we might tell you to go to orbit, or maybe a quick trip to Lua." "Hey, are you crazy? Do we even have life support on this plane for a trip that long?" "We have infinite delta-v you dummy. We can just point this ship to Lua and accelerate. Are you ready?" "Ready whenever you are." Fifteen minutes later, Camald was given the GO for launch and take-off. It felt weird not hearing the expected humming of the engine when he switched the Kraken drive on. "Hey, where's the throttle on this?" "Oh did I forget to mention? There's no throttle control. You can only switch the K-drive on and off. Fly safe!" Camald could hear the smugness in Mert's voice but there was no turning back now. He switched the engines on as advised and felt a heavy jerk as the plane picked up speed. 'Damn, no engine spooling. It is either at full power or dead.' Soon the plane took off and raced to the skies. Without any Delta-v restrictions, he was free to take the most inefficient ascent profile to get into orbit. "XK-20, you are in orbit. Good job. We would like you to take a trip to Lua." The journey to Lua was ridiculously easy. On a brachiostrone trajectory, it took him barely 4 minutes to get to the moon instead of the 56 minute transit that it took with the hohmann trajectory. Camald was sure he could reach the nearest planets in a matter of weeks or days. 'Such power. And it's all mine...' Camald braked into a comfortable low Lua orbit. He started making extreme plane changes just for giggles and begun descending to the surface. "Captain, a landing attempt is ill advised. We do not know how a the drive will fair while landing propulsively." "Don't worry about me, I will be fine." A few minutes later, the experimental plane XK-20 crashed hard on Lua's surface. Only the cockpit and the pilot survived. The pilot, Camald Kerman, had to be resuced by the KSC in a later mission and was questioned by the military about the K-Drive's capabilities. Just a few minutes aboard that plane had given him a minor God Complex. He was pretty sure that everyone would salivate at the thought of infinite deltav and its potential. Such a disruptive technology will bring the society to its knees as different groups fight over it. An unfavorable report later, Camald was designated the task to destroy every prototype, every document related to the K-Drive. It was deemed a potential 'World Breaker' by the Government, and despite the possible breakthroughs in theoretical physics that could be possible with this technology, Rhode's government did not think it was worth the hassle. As per his instructions, Camald purged every computer, shredded every document and destroyed every prototype about the K-Drive. On a completely unrelated note, Camald is now in possession of a highly encrypted pen drive.
  9. I invoke the occult powers of African Warlord "Sseth Tzeentach". He says "Hey Hey people, Sseth here." while saving my life.
  10. Chapter 3: A Rescue and A Disaster The Space Center decided to spend some money to upgrade its buildings! The VAB is bigger, the Mission control is shinier, the administration building does not look like an abandoned shed and the swimming pool finally has some water. Their was a hefty price tag attached to all these upgrades, but such is Life. You don't get any free lunch. While looking around for new contracts for replenishing the treasury, the mission control found some really weird contracts. Some contracts wanted them to mine a star, some wanted to splash down on lava. Mortimer came across a weird mission that he had accepted before upgrading the KSC. Apparently someone had crashed on to the surface of Lua, one of Rhode's moons without their knowledge, and now "Sean's Cannery" wanted KSC to rescue that kerbal. KSC had only landed one kerbal at Lua, and it certainly was not anyone named Camald Kerman. There were a ton of questions floating around for this 'Camald' to answer. But for that, KSC had to rescue his butt back to Rhode. One of KSC's sponsors wanted to land a base on Ash. The money was good, and the requirements were not too harsh and after some consultation with mission architects, the 'Blaze' Surface Base was commissioned to land on the fiery moon. The lowlands was selected as the landing site because of the relatively flat topography. The mission happened uneventfully, and the 'Blaze' landed safely on the surface of Ash. Unfortunately due to an error by a stupid intern, mission footage and pictures were lost. KSC also landed a pressurized rover on Ash to help future expeditions to explore Ash thoroughly. According to the terms and conditions of the contract, the base was KSC's property once it had safely landed and cleared all contract parameters. KSC decided to use the 'Blaze' base to complement a crewed mission to Ash to comb the moon of all possible science. Science was rapidly running out of the Rhode system, it was concerning.. In the meantime, KSC also managed to rendezvous and snag a small B-class asteroid. The "Aster-Ex" Mission was so successful that the guys at mission control bragged that they could start mining and exploiting the bigger D and E class asteroids and make KSC very very rich. The asteroid was pathetic, weighing 85 tons and having only 60 tons of exploitable resources. That's it for now, tune in next week to see more stuff. The launch window to Scaythe is coming up in 150 days and there's a BigS asteroid arriving at Rhode's SOI in about a 100 days. So there will be a lot to do for our stupid little kerbals. Its 2 AM and the narrator is feeling very sleepy.
  11. This I tried, and I cried. It would be interesting to see how your mission report develops.
  12. I know this greeting is too late, but I hope you had a Happy Birthday
  13. Concise, entertaining mission report with beautiful pictures. Almost entirely opposite to my mission report. I like it, awaiting more!
  14. Chapter 2: Extensive Armstrong Survey Ah, Armstrong. The dirty rocky gravelly iceball clinging on to it's dear life by not getting too close to Lua's and Ash's gravity well. Stuck between the Vaccuum and the Kraken, as they say. While it may look like a dirty snowball, it was found to have a mineral rich crust under that gravelly exterior. Records show that the space programs of ages past had their eyes on this tiny moonlet for resource exploitation, once most of Rhode's native resources had been spent to terraform Lua. The present administration did not have access to lost technologies like Terraforming and the like, but it could most certainly reduce Rhode's burden by using Armstrong's mineral deposit to supplement Rhode's demands. Thus, a detailed survey was warranted. The crewed rover dispatched on the last mission to Rhode was but the first step to do so. A reusable lander was launched next to Armstrong. This was a real smooth-brained move by the Mission control as the hopper could be used to descend to and ascend back to orbit. However KSC presented this as new hardware undergoing live tests beyond Low Rhode Orbit Valentina Kerman and Jobo Kerman were selected as crew for the first detailed scientific survey of Armstrong. The crew will rendezvous with a predeployed reusable Armstrong crew lander. This lander was designed to operate to and from the surface of Ash. However KSC decided to skip the molten deathball and try to explore Armstrong in its stead. However the crew did not seem to be getting along. Radio transmissions recorded several instances of both kerbonauts snapping at each other. Mission control only intervened when someone insulted the other's parentage, but it was clear that a crammed capsule was not doing the crew any favors either. This transmission was noted as 'peak angery' moment for Jobo. A non-trivial amount of science was gained from this rant as well, as it reflected the psychological state of Kerbals in confined spaces over an extended period of time Meanwhile, someone decided to prank KSC by sending them an impossible contract of landing on Destiny, one of the 2 stars in Kerbals' home system. When asked how they would land on a star, Gene replied, "Very carefully, at night." With the science gained from the Armstrong mission , KSC managed to unlock several new technologies. However they still are not satisfied, and thus, a crewed mission to survey the volcanic moon Ash was planned. See you next week, with a new chapter!
  15. Introductions: Hello, I am Nivee~ and I have been on a hiatus from KSP due to personal issues. Now that I have found my inspiration to play KSP again, I decided to write a mission report. This save will explore the beautiful planet pack by Gameslinx, Beyond Home. I will not be starting this mission report from scratch, as it gets repetitive and bores me. I have already landed a kerbal on the nearest moon of Rhode, Lua. And now I wish to explore the entirety of Tempus system before I send my Kerbals back to their roots, the distant and dim Kerbol system. While it will be challenging enough for me to land on each celestial body because of my rusty piloting skills after nearly an year of inactivity, I aim to explore the beautiful surface features that have been incorporated in this planet pack. I,myself, don't know much about those features, but it would be fun to find and explore those anomalies. I won't bore you with my mod list, but here's the summary: 1. Parts: SSTU, ReStock,ReStock+ 2. Visuals: EVE, scatterer with Beyond Home's custom config. 3. Utilities: USI containers and reactors, Simple construction, [x]Science, BonVoyage, Simple Logistics, MechJeb Without further ado, let's begin our adventure! Chapter 1: The Prologue and the First Interplanetary Step towards Salvation. Rhode, was well... home for hundreds of thousands of Kerbals. But there was a time when it was just a fancy exoplanet discovered by two random upstarts by accident from Kerbin. Kerbol became a red giant in due time, destroying life at Kerbin. Kerbals fled to Duna, which was then renamed Solitude. A few million years ago, Kerbol went Nova and destroyed the inner Kerbol system. Before it could wipe out Kerbalkind, a few thousand brave kerbals embarked on an expeditionary journey to find new homes. Some settled on the now warm Laythe, some would opt for the solitary Eeloo, but a few hundred kerbs of steel would embark on an interstellar expedition named the Great Exodus. They would find the planet named Rhode and build a colony. In due time the colony grew and prospered and soon it had enough technological prowess to terraform one of Rhodes' moons, Lua. Society, however does not always get better with time. Every once a while, a social cataclysm would plunge civilization into Chaos and destroyed thousands of years of hard earned knowledge and culture. Kerbals would start afresh having learnt their lesson and for a few millenia society would be blessed with peace and prosperitym before Chaos reared its ugly head once again. It has been 4 million years since the Great Exodus brought the first kerbals to Rhode. For 4 million years, Kerbals had been trying and failing to reach their ultimate goal. But not this time. This generation of Kerbals is not going to let petty politics and social upheavals disrupt their pursuit of Science. This generation is not going to bend the knee to Chaos when it returns. This generation WILL break through the glass ceiling and it will do what Kerbals have been failing at for 4 million years: To go back home. But first, Kerbals would need to explore the celestial bodies nearest to Rhode. Hydrus was selected as the target for the first Interplanetary jaunt. Science fiction writers during the Golden Age of Literature often believed that there would be life under the clouds of this strange murky planet, while Romanticist writers would often portray the planet as the perfect destination for love-struck couples to hide from their irate parents. The scietific community could not care less about such ramblings but they were interested in the so-called magnetic anomalies of Hydrus and thus they comissioned a mission to Hydrus. After a year of development, Hydros - 1 mission bus was finally prepared for launch. The mission included a Relay satellite network for Hydrus, a Hydrus Rover and a Hydrone Lander/Orbiter. Meanwhile, Kerbals were developing a handy new method of delivering cargo reliably to the surface of celestial bodies. This new method, called Little Zeus, or LZ was tested at Armstrong. This concludes the first chapter of this series, which I would hopefully see to the end and not abandon mid-way. Please wish me luck.
  16. I am playing KSP 1.8.1 with the Beyond Home planet pack, and I have 4 surface bases on the surface of one of the moons of the home planet Rhode. What do I do with all these surface bases? What do you do with all of your extra bases?
  17. Woah I stopped playing KSP when it was at 1.6 and look at it NOW! Absolutely incredible!
  18. The program is being very weird.... I ran the following code: And this is what I got: It looks like the top and bottom rows are disconnected, as @Selective Genius said...
  19. If it's only text that you need help with, have you tried PowerPoint? Kuzzter used PowerPoint for his graphic novels, I think...
  20. I am SO sorry for the misunderstanding! Actually, this is my calculation domain for the simple 2D heating problem: Does this code make sense now? #include<stdio.h> int main() { double T_old[100][100]; double T_new[100][100]; double Tin; int x = 0; int y = 0; printf("\nEnter the Initial Temperature: "); scanf("%d",Tin); for (x = 1; x <= 98; x++){ for (y = 1; y <= 98; y++){ T_old[x][y] = Tin; T_new[x][y] = Tin; } } //Boundary Conditions x = 0; for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ T_old[x][y] = 85.00; }//LeftWall x = 99; for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ T_old[x][y] = 30.00; }//RightWall y = 0; for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ T_old[x][y] = 30.00; }//BottomWall y = 99; for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ T_old[x][y] = 30.00; }//TopWall double alpha = 0.000137; double cellSize = 0.01; double timeStep = 0.0001; double coefficient = alpha*timeStep/(cellSize*cellSize); double time = 0.00; for (time = 0.00; time <= 300.00; time += timeStep){ for (x = 1; x <= 99; x++ ){ for (y = 1; y <= 99; y++){ T_new[x][y] += coefficient*(T_old[x][y-1]-T_old[x][y]); } } for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ T_old[x][y] = T_new[x][y]; } } } for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ printf("%d\n",T_new[x][y]); } } return 0; getch(); }
  21. Assuming the following to be the calculation domain, with blue dots being the boundary nodes, and the yellow dots being the interior nodes, Well, here's the final code: Now, what's wrong with this? Can someone please tell me?
  22. Hmm, but we are not providing for boundary temperatures here... How about this? Is this OK? Because my program is not running, strangely....
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