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  1. So am I right in assuming that the always-on effect on SRBs is due to SRBWE being incompatible with the current version of Waterfall?
  2. I am using Kerbalism, yes. Also hard mode... but I am probably going to tweak the science returns back up a bit. The default hard difficulty science returns are a bit ridiculous. I hadn't thought to try landing on different biomes, rookie mistake. I'm also using JNSQ, not sure if that matters or not. I'll try your suggestions; I wanted a bit of a challenge, and it looks like I've got one lol!
  3. What is the intention of locking decouplers behind two upgrade levels? How do you progress with only solid boosters and no decouplers? (seems I can only have a single stage... with solid boosters.....)
  4. Couple of days ago (perhaps related to the most recent update?) GravityTurn stopped auto-staging even when the option is enabled. I'm currently on KSP 1.11.2 and GravityTurn 1.8.14.
  5. I'm very curious how you managed to get the lighting to look the way you did in the 1.2.2 image on Github.
  6. I notice nobody answered my question from last year. The way the Duna strategies specifically work (I haven't gotten to a point where I care about the others lol), it seems that you can only do one strategy per launch window. This is, in my opinion, not very efficient or ideal, since the transfer windows are years apart. I selected the Probe strategy by accident, without realizing that it would soft-lock me out of sending a crewed mission to Duna. Vs the crewed strategy, which would totally allow me to send probes to Duna. Any way I can reverse this without the fine, or am I screwed?
  7. Running the latest 1.7.3 version of the mod according to CKAN. Erebus and Fuji engines... The Erebus states that it has an ASL thrust of 473kn, vs the Fuji which has 915kn ASL... But the Erebus is physically larger than the Fuji, as well as providing significantly more TWR. I'm guessing somewhere in the configs the models got reversed or something?
  8. Perhaps you misunderstood? Or I wasn't clear? This is the thread for the mod, "UnKerballed Start" is it not? I'm not sure what you mean by "not as a separate mod."
  9. I'm still on 1.7.3. I noticed that the PBC contract pack isn't showing up in Contract Configurator... Or in my mission control.
  10. Is there a way to temporarily disable RemoteTech without uninstalling the mod? I screwed up some probe designs in Kerbol orbit, and rather than spend hours IRL fixing, I'd rather just disable the mod temporarily to make a correction burn.
  11. Regarding the Manned vs Unmanned contracts, do I need to only do unmanned/manned once during each transfer window? Um, that's clear as mud lol. Basically, is it possible to send a flotilla during a transfer window that includes probes and kerbals? Or would that lock me out of the manned strategy since I'll have already sent Kerbals to orbit Duna, for example?
  12. Was recommended to get this mod for my RemoteTech satellite constellations to prevent/reduce drift, but frankly I have no clue how to use it. Instructions on the OP are vague at best? I understand what SMA is, but I don't understand how to use this tool to make my orbits correct.
  13. I'm getting the EVE black atmos/clouds problem, which according to the good folks on their thread has to do with missing config files. Does this mean it is a problem with SVE, since SVE is supplying its own configs for EVE? Additionally, any idea when the mod is going to be updated to the latest version? I think it is fantastic that SQUAD is increasing the support of the game, rather than decreasing it over time, but it is problematic I know for modders to keep up with all the changes so frequently.
  14. I'm having the DX11/DX12 terrain shadow bug, with all the weird black lines. I see you said to adjust shadow bias and another parameter, but I can't find any info on how to actually do this. Any help?
  15. Problem with using TextureReplacer instead of TRR is that I can't use your other fantastic mod, Spectra, due to mod conflicts.
  16. CKAN will not let me download this mod because it isn't compatible with 1.6? Even though the front page says it IS compatible... Perhaps some version file for CKAN was incorrectly configured?
  17. CKAN version still says 1.4.4... Is this compatible with 1.6? I'm actually a bit concerned for the KSP modding community, now that we are in 3 month "major" update cycles.
  18. How's the progress on this, since ETT has been abandoned/put on the shelf? Also UbM has been abandoned for some time, and there doesn't seem to be many tech trees out there other than CTT at the moment. A prime opportunity for ETTR to take the spotlight! :)
  19. I have a connection through relay to KSC through relay, but I cannot open the flight computer, I click on the button but nothing happens. Bug, or am I screwing up somewhere?
  20. Not sure if this is a CKAN issue or not (CKAN always refers me back to mod devs about this kind of thing), but the newest version of CKAN won't allow installation of mods that don't have a matching KSP version number. Even though this mod says compatible with version 1.99.99 in CKAN, I can't install it because it doesn't say 1.4.4 or whatever. Is there a fix, or is anyone else having this issue?
  21. Is there any way to get CKAN to recognize a manually downloaded and installed dependency? I'm trying to install the Galileo pack, but every time I try to download specifically the GPP Textures file through CKAN, it gives me a 403 error (the file is from Github). I was able to download it manually through my browser, but it seems that there is no way to get it to work with the planet pack, as CKAN doesn't recognize that the dependency is already installed.
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