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  1. I saw that, but I think they're just clipping the first person camera in that to explore the ship for visuals rather than it being EVA based and functional for- walking, jumping, climbing around and risking your life with the ability to move in and out of the ship/plane/station. But the resources in it definitely seem like they could work if that's the idea they do go with in the long run. I like big projects, I generally have no life. Although half way through those types of projects gets a bit tedious. As it doesn't look like there's a very easy way to convert the game models to a modifiable form- I think(?), I'd probably need to make entirely new assets from scratch. Hoping there's an easy enough way to do the HUD for the pods though. But yeah- my hope is that the physics system would allow it to work as just a set of parts, worst case scenario is that they kerbal would get thrown around horribly while in the vehicle whenever it moves- in which case it'd need to change the system a bit (Hoping not) or find a workaround- maybe the inside could be on rails like when climbing on the sides as things would, still allowing for things to be interactable. But, I suppose just being able to move around inside when the vehicle is stabilized would really be good enough. Maybe some special pods could be made that serve actual purposes rather than just being space to do things in a station environment. (awful pun); like stationing a scientist with low to no stupidity to slowly gen science from when the biome changes to biomes that scientists haven't researched in the ship stations yet; just as a sort of passive gen if the station or even large sized ship moves around a lot to other planets and the like. Or an engineering station that when manned by an engineer could slowly repair damaged parts; would be nice if there was an AI that'd just let them head over and repair them. Well considering it's an entirely enclosed structure it may be possible; but probably out of my foreseeable skill range. But I'm not anywhere near that point in my KSP modding experience levels yet; still gathering info on the process.
  2. Awesome, thanks a ton everyone. Maya>FBX>Unity>.mu>KSP sounds reasonable enough.
  3. Still not entirely used to navigating the forums, so apologies if someone within the past year or so asked this already; but anyone know of a .mu export for Maya? Or do we have to go Maya>Blender?
  4. Oh that really does look rather nice.
  5. If playing with mods they matter as the variables make an easy hook to check against. Otherwise~ not really I believe unless you like the faces they make.
  6. That was quite a long time ago; I recall aside from a tiny rocket that sorta just jumps around for completing basic missions I made an awkward rocket powered jet that sorta just, murdered itself on impact most of the time; also an awkward drone thing too that was mostly the most insane thing to control.
  7. Spent about an hour+ or so getting an awkward cheap solar powered drone I tossed together carrying three kerbals across the planet for a mission to get to three points that were pretty close to each other; in hopes of saving some money. It flipped onto its head, and everything exploded when I finally made it while trying to land.
  8. In terms of color composition I can imagine that looking rather funky in most places.
  9. Hello KSP Forum, so I was bored and the awfully badly color-choiced "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" was starting to bug me~ So I made a dark/blue theme for the entire forum in the old (probably abandoned) Stylebot extension in chrome for anyone who wants to use it. I know it's kind of an odd thing to post for my, third post on here- but I like things to look nice. lol I also added dividers between posts, made the profile look on the left of posts look a bit nicer/organized, and made some other minor tweaks using it aside from colors as it allows for adding borders to things which gives quite a bit of possibilities. To apply just paste this code into the Import Styles option in stylebot to get the theme to work- I am, seriously hoping that the spoiler box on here is a dropdown as that is a rather lot of text; maybe code would have been better.. By the way, hides the "Your content must be reviewed by a moderator" so keep that in mind, your content probably still will be needing reviewing even after coloring your browser. Screenshots If you find any problems; which I wouldn't be surprised if there are some as each main area needs to be modified significantly, and changing objects like these text boxes are really picky- just leave a reply and I'll see to fixing them.
  10. So I'm thinking of making a mod which would simply just be pods that you could EVA into whatever it's connected to behind it, with connection parts, and crew canisters that have a 2nd texture/collision layer on the inside allowing kerbals to walk around the interior and interact with science inside, with animated door panels that could be activated via right click; and not needing to stick your science on the outside of the vessel looking rather silly. But I'm wondering if this has already been done or not for 1.5.X; because it seems like a kinda fair amount of effort (although a fun project at least); and rather not end up just wasting my time if there's already a great alternative that I've just not known about. lol
  11. Hello people, so I gotten Kerbal Space Program a few days ago after putting it off forever as I was really curious what it was like, and quite frankly haven't stopped playing since. So I figured I'd join the forum as well and see what it's like here.