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  1. Frostiken

    Universal Storage II

    Hmm. How odd, AVC is now telling me that my universal storage II is out of date and the newest version is but CKAN says I have that version. Also this wasn't popping up last week and I downloaded USII only like a month ago. Weird.
  2. Frostiken

    Universal Storage II

    Can we get the 6-bay core dropped down a tier in the tech tree so it's accessible on a Level 1 R&D facility, which is around the same tier as most of the other 1.875m stuff? Not really necessary without the fairing yet, but maybe worth considering when we do get it. Otherwise it's bumped into the Level 2 tier.
  3. This is why ModuleManager is throwing like 50+ errors related to IFS? Because that part is kind of obvious lol Edit: lol never mind, no it's not - I launched my wrong version of KSP.
  4. Frostiken

    Universal Storage II

    Why do you insist on hurting me this way.
  5. Frostiken

    Universal Storage II

    Is the eventual intent for US2 to mostly replace US1? The Payload fairings are a way better option than the black-and-white normal housings, and *most* parts appear to be duplicates, just, better as they're scalable and in some cases more efficient. Can't wait for the next version with my delicious 1.8m payload bay.
  6. Frostiken

    Why is the engine plate a decoupler?

    The problem is that they not only don't behave like normal decouplers (which decouple above them), but they don't actually say anything about their decoupling nature in the description. I mean, Heat Shields are 'decouplers' too, and they pop off, so why would I expect this random part that also decouples to now decouple in a fashion unlike any other part has before? Furthermore, people know that you stick a decoupler below an engine - that's just how it works. They're changing like 6 years of how we learned to build rockets in KSP and didn't even tell us! ADDENDUM: Are you 'A Boojum Snark' from Natural-Selection? The report is nice for ONE thing - it tells you when you've got blocked exits.
  7. EDIT: Christ. I just realized it's to separate the lower stage. It's an inverted decoupler. I've literally never tried to use it because I saw it functioned as a decoupler and thought "Wow, that's really stupid". Hah!
  8. Frostiken

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    I love the idea behind this mod but I feel the strategies are poorly balanced and/or implementation could be done better? I have no idea how much flexibility you have here, but the problem is something like To Boldly Go... is overwhelmingly the best strategy because it pays out so damn much money, especially if you can unlock it before you get to the Mun. Meanwhile strategies like Free Icecream really don't pay off at all, especially since there's other rep-building strategies like Stagnant Science that cost less and give you permanent boosts. Additionally, if you're using the Community Tech Tree, Stagnant Science pays out ENORMOUSLY huge reputation gains in the early game that make it easy to grind the rep needed to get the better strategies. Additionally, something like Local Science kind of encourages you to do no science around the KSC until you unlock Level 3. Then you do a bunch of science, and then abandon the strategy for something better. Or unlock it later just for some easy/free science discounts on the more expensive stuff, then abandon the strategy again, because there's no penalty to doing so. Media Circus likewise seems too niche. Reputation isn't really that important at all in the game, and there's limited opportunities in that strategy to take advantage of it (bonus rep for astronaut experience gains, but what if my astronauts already got that experience?). Can something be done with the strategy "slots" that would allow players to only take a limited number of 'really good' strategies (like To Boldly Go) or instead a mix of lower-tier ones? I mean I really don't know why anyone would ever pay 1,000 science for Stagnated Research III when all you get is rep gains, which nobody cares about.
  9. Frostiken

    [1.6.x] Community Tech Tree (January 21)

    Don't be so hard on yourself.
  10. Sure they aren't as smokey but the current smoke is kind of pathetic. It's like half the length of the rocket flame. LFEs produce a dark smoke and some thick contrails at altitude.
  11. So, my rockets have realistic fire effects - at higher altitudes they billow outwards instead of just keeping the normal little flame. But smoke. I have like... ZERO smoke. Worse than stock. There's a teeny-tiny amount there, but it is barely anything. It sure as hell doesn't look like this:
  12. Am I the only one seeing all these tanks with shiny chrome mirrored textures?
  13. Frostiken

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    *shrug* I definitely started the game more than ONCE to see if the UI switch 'stuck'. It didn't. I also knew I had to do that (but I also thought that ridiculous bug was fixed with 1.6.1) to get mods working in general, but not TWICE. I just copy-pasted my KAC from v. and it works perfectly fine complete with UI switching and Blizzy integration. I don't have time right now to troubleshoot the new version of KAC but from an end-user perspective, the latest version is hopelessly broken, while old versions work fine. Not very helpful, but take that for what you will. I couldn't even drag-expand the KAC window in the new version either.
  14. Frostiken

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    I'm rolling back to an old version to see if it works or if my mod install is buggered to hell. Takes like 15 minutes to load though so...
  15. Frostiken

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    Having a problem - I can't switch between GUI styles, or put KAC on Blizzy's Toolbar.