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  1. Can we hide the impossible (or at least I think impossible?) science experiments? Like "Splashed down at desert" and "Landed at water". Also how would one go about adding mod experiments to it?
  2. I was showing a buddy the very basics via the tutorial and found that the parachute does essentially nothing. I even changed it via tweaks to open much higher and it never slows down the ship. No mods. Tried other ships in sandbox. This is strange.
  3. Is this getting updated for 1.5? I can't see any mention of it, and while I hardly know how to use Github it looks like no activity there either.
  4. Frostiken

    [1.5.1+] Tweakable Everything Continued (replacement)

    Jeez LGG you're only maintaining like 84 other mods, what's taking so damn long?
  5. Frostiken

    [1.5.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    Did you have any issues applying it to a game in-progress? I don't think it helps that there's zero documentation for this mod. The M.O.L.E. page doesn't even MENTION the science experiments, there's more useless flavor text than there is any coherent description of what the mod contains... not even a description of publishing vs. selling research, what 'data processing' does, etc. EDIT: Also, I can't even use the Alt+P shortcut for whatever window because it's the same shortcut used by SmokeScreen. Why is there any window hidden behind ANY shortcut keys in a mod for a game with toolbars?
  6. Frostiken

    [1.5.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    @BRAAAP_STUTUTU: What contract mod is that? @skbernard: I have the same issue? I have a MOLE, I have a scientist in it, and I'm trying to do a Cryogenic study, and it just says 'needs lab time' and I have no idea if it's doing anything or not.
  7. What a horrible idea, what an untested, awful concept. I feel genuinely ripped off by these. Make a bog-simple rocket. Parachute, reentry module, a liquid fuel tank with a Valiant engine, a decoupler, a few more tanks with a Swivel, and maybe two SRBs for good measure. Put all the fins you want on the bottom. This is the absolute most vanilla low-tech orbital rocket and is the rocket pretty much everyone uses to get into space. Every single time, at around 12,000 meters in the middle of the gravity turn, that awful, AWFUL AWFUL pod on the top will grab the airstream and flip you over. Not even computer-assisted ascents like Mechjeb or GravityTurn can cope with how uncontrollable these wretched things are. Now, strip the reentry module off and put a Mk1 instead. Tadah, your rocket is now as stable as a redwood. PLEASE do something about these terrible pods. They're borderline UNUSABLE as-is. The only way I can get one to orbit is with ENORMOUS amounts of huge fins on the bottom, or a payload fairing, both of which are not ideal for low-tech early missions, which is when I would be using the reentry modules in the first place.
  8. Frostiken

    [1.5.x] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    Is there any way to get rid of the *horrendous* 'Wildblue' logos on the fuel tanks?
  9. Frostiken

    [1.5.x] Kerbal Health 1.3.3 (2018-11-29)

    @garwel I do have some feedback on the way radiation shielding is distributed. The 'general' patch appears - If I'm reading it right - to distributing radiation shielding on assorted ship parts based on the crew capacity. As a result, a 2-man capsule gets 2.0 units of radiation shielding. This is in contrast to the actual tailor-made patches which generally seem to give you less radiation shielding. For example, the Corvus CF mod which adds a 2-man Gemini-style capsule gives me 2.0 units of radiation shielding. However, the Making History Gemini Capsule only gives me 1.0. Given how important radiation shielding is this may need to be tweaked/rebalanced because it makes generic mod parts much better than tailor-made parts. Also the way the USI radiation shielding for life support mods increases doesn't really make a lot of sense, but I can't really think of a better way of doing it - unless the logic behind the radiation shielding is different from what I'm thinking of... I thought it would reflect how well-cared-for the Kerbals are, instead it functions like it's using tanks of food and water and mulch like they're insulating themselves from radiation with it.
  10. Why is this mod causing my rockets to insanely roll left and right, back and forth, at absurd oscillations?
  11. Frostiken

    Empty nodes in community tech tree.

    I've been away from KSP for a really long time (long before CKAN was even a concept). Is there anything specifically about CKAN that people don't like / want to support?
  12. Frostiken

    Empty nodes in community tech tree.

    Thanks for the help. SSPXr doesn't have anything for the command centers. I was just curious because based on the CTT patch notes, those were one of the more recent nodes added and thought it might be for something specific. Question for you specifically - Two near-future mods (electrical and aero) are NOT updated on CKAN. Is that by design or an oversight? CKAN has: NF Construction NF Launch Vehicles NF Propulsion NF Solar NF Solar Core NF Spacecraft Only listed on 'out of date': NF Electrical Outright missing: NF Aeronautics
  13. I know there's a mod to hide them, but rather than hide them, I'm wondering about populating them. Listed below are the nodes I have that ARE or FEEL very empty. Any suggestions for mods that fill them in? EMPTY NODES: - Specialized Command Centers - Heavy Command Centers - Specialized Landers - Heavy Landers - Colossal Rocketry - Advanced Aerospace Engineering - Advanced Colonization ONLY ONE UPGRADE: - Experimental Aircraft Engines - Thermal/Turbo Ramjet performance, not sure what mod. HAVE PARTS, BUT LIMITED: - Subsonic Flight - Only one part from USI. - Efficient Flight Systems - Only one part from USI. - Specialized Flight Systems - Four parts from USI. - Off-world Robotics - One part from USI. - Experimental Actuators - Two parts from USI. ONLY ONE PART: - Gigantic Rocketry - Osprey LFE (Post-Kerbin Mining Corporation) - Mechatronics - Guidance Computer (Post-Kerbin Mining Corporation)
  14. Hey, I'm one of the people who was bit by your 'modpack' being out of date. If your mod is going to work on CKAN, you can assign dependencies. Do any of the mods bundled with KSPIE have custom tweaks required for Interstellar? If not, I would strongly suggest you cut the mod down to just what Instellar needs and then assign dependencies. I cannot possibly see how a mod like PersistentRotation really needs to be included in KSPIE since that's pretty much just a realism/flavor tweak... This would also shrink the filesize down since KSPIE is already pretty beefy. I want to use KSPIE but the threat of several of these mods overwriting other mods without any real clear purpose is concerning.
  15. Frostiken

    [1.5.1+] Dang It! Continued

    So far the mod has been working. I've had two failures - a leaky tank and a shorted battery. The problem is that the leaky tank set off an alarm - NBD, I clicked the tank and disabled the alarm. The battery... not so much. Every time I go to the map screen and back, it plays an alarm. Doesn't even matter if I'm controlling a different SHIP. I can see the battery highlighted red, but when I right-click it there's no 'disable alarm' function. This is just a standard battery stack too, not a modded one. Edit: Had a second battery fail, this time in the Stayputnik. Same problem. Maybe related to batteries?