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  1. Hi.

    This is a heads up about your issue. Please don't forget to send me your KSP.log and ModuleManager.ConfigCache AFTER updating to TweakScale (or, they are essentially the same except that .8 will warn you if you try to run on KSP 1.8).

    This is important. If you look into the TweakScale thread, you will find  a lot of complains that ended up being thrid parties patches borking up. Some few of these patches will render your savegame useless once these one triggers the static explosions.

    I don't know if the rogue patching on your installment - i.e., the third parties patches that are bugged - will render your savegame into a fatal mess. What I know if this can happen, and only a visual inspection of the KSP.log and ConfigCache will give me the answer.

    You may want to check this link:

    Most (if not all, I don't recall right now) of these Add'Ons are already fixed on the latest releases, but since you are using a older TweakScale release (otherwise this would not had happened), you may also have older versions of Add'Ons.

    Link to the latest post about your issue on TweakScale's thread:


  2. Ugh. Tweakscale has been suddenly giving me grief with saved ships. The biggest one is that my Octo probe cores have shrunk down to <10% scale which obviously causes problems and makes fixing them a PITA since they're a tiny little dots. It says it's at 10% but I can tell from looking at it it's more like 1%. From the .craft file: Obviously nothing is wrong there. There's lots of stuff in my .log but this seems relevant. [WRN 13:23:44.411] [Part]: PartModule indexing mismatch at probeCoreOcto.v2, index 12. Node 'USI_ModuleRecycleablePart' found in loaded data, but 'TweakScale' is defined in prefab. Looking for USI_ModuleRecycleablePart in other indices... [WRN 13:23:44.411] ...USI_ModuleRecycleablePart module found at index 13. [WRN 13:23:44.411] [Part]: PartModule indexing mismatch at probeCoreOcto.v2, index 13. Node 'WBIPartScrapper' found in loaded data, but 'USI_ModuleRecycleablePart' is defined in prefab. Looking for WBIPartScrapper in other indices... [WRN 13:23:44.411] ...WBIPartScrapper module found at index 14. [WRN 13:23:44.411] [Part]: PartModule indexing mismatch at probeCoreOcto.v2, index 14. Node 'TrajectoriesVesselSettings' found in loaded data, but 'WBIPartScrapper' is defined in prefab. Looking for TrajectoriesVesselSettings in other indices... [WRN 13:23:44.411] ...TrajectoriesVesselSettings module found at index 15. [WRN 13:23:44.411] [Part]: PartModule indexing mismatch at probeCoreOcto.v2, index 15. Node 'TweakScale' found in loaded data, but 'TrajectoriesVesselSettings' is defined in prefab. Looking for TweakScale in other indices... [WRN 13:23:44.411] ...TweakScale module found at index 12. [LOG 13:23:44.411] [TweakScale] WARNING: defaultScale has changed for part probeCoreOcto.v2: keeping relative scale. And later on... [LOG 13:23:45.167] [TweakScale] WARNING: No valid member found for diameter in Part for <unk> [LOG 13:23:45.197] [TweakScale] WARNING: No valid member found for mass in TweakScale for probeCoreOcto.v2 This is on 1.7.3 with TweakScale v2.4.3.4. I updated a handful of mods about a week ago (pre-1.8) and it seems like everything has loveing broken in all kinds of ways since then This is one of them. I have also had issues with TweakScale turning my 0.625m parts (Ant engine, for example) into 1.25m. Whenever I fix and save my crafts it appears to stick just fine... but what the love.
  3. CKAN archives all its downloads in a folder, this is normal behavior. Go take a peek in your folder you'll see them.
  4. No, those are the last mods I updated in CKAN out of the CKAN archive folder. I don't know any other way to debug/log what CKAN has done.
  5. I'm still on v1.7.3 and haven't updated any mods in a little while. I did update a few mods a couple weeks ago, according to CKAN this is what was updated (on the 28th of September). I didn't end up playing the game, however. This is what is happening in-game. I can give more info if needed.
  6. The latest version gives me nothing but problems. Clicking checkboxes just makes the program unresponsive for like 15 seconds (hitting 'update all' when there's a lot to update locks it up for like 5 minutes). During mass updates/downloads I constantly get showered with stupid meaningless errors like this: System.Net.WebException: An exception occurred during a WebClient request. ---> System.IO.IOException: Received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes from the transport stream. at System.Net.ConnectStream.EndRead(IAsyncResult asyncResult) at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadBitsReadCallbackState(DownloadBitsState state, IAsyncResult result) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- Then when the downloads are about finished, I get crap like this: One or more downloads were unsuccessful: Error downloading CryoEngines 1:1.0.3: Received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes from the transport stream. Error downloading KerbalAtomics 1:1.0.5: Received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes from the transport stream. Error downloading NearFutureLaunchVehicles 1.2.3: Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed. And the installation says 'failed' and I have to start all over, frequently having to re-download several files. This literally never ever happened under previous versions. This now is a total mess.
  7. It think it would be interesting to have the community tech tree have a fork between chemical rockets and cryogenic rockets.
  8. This is one of my favorite mods, it's so professional-looking and useful. There are a few things I'd like to mention. 1) A radially-attached payload/experiment bay. As-is right now I usually just use tweakscale radially-attach the experiment container in an empty node and shrink it to fit, so this currently has a workaround. 2) Long-term, and probably not feasible, but I kind of really want a 0.625m Universal Storage mount. I imagine something like an offset truss, and the parts stack vertically. This is just a brainstorm, nothing super important. Many of the US2 items look like they'd fit in the 0.625m cylindrical bay... if it had a radial node stuck on the back wall. 3) The one thing I really did want to mention: the Remote Operations System... right now it's a 2-slot item, but I feel like it should be 1-slot. It's just a radially-mounted Hecs probe core. I feel like it needs to do something more for the space premium. I don't mind a radially-attached probe core, but for 2 slots? Eehhhhhh...
  9. EEX may need a setting to disable autostruts from working on/through robotic parts. I had the damndest time figuring out why my robots kept refusing to move, turns out they were glued together with autostruts. Parent autostruts might be okay, but grandparent struts definitely aren't gonna work for you.
  10. Well I guess the real determining factor is that the US basic core for wedge support isn't available until Adv. Construction on Tier 4, so it doesn't make sense to have science modules for US unlocked before Tier 4. However, this means DMagic would need to move his modules around, and at the very least the Atmospheric Testing wedge should at least be placed on the Miniaturization tier. Definitely needs to be moved off of Space Exploration. While Space Exploration is obviously a necessary tier, it's usually one of the last Tier 4 nodes I unlock because I simply need stuff in the other tiers first. Having the dumb thermometer locked into that tier is kind of annoying.
  11. The science modules really need to be moved down the tech tree one or two tiers. I unlock the barometer and the thermometer in the first and second tiers, but the Universal Storage combined wedge is the fourth tier. There's not really a reason for this. Universal Storage is largely an aesthetic/design mod, and since I could just slap those two science parts on my rocket anywhere it's not really doing anything for me gameplay-wise having them locked behind the 90-science node. Or, at least put them on the Miniaturization tree where the goo and the materials bay is so I can have access to the rudimentary basics with just one R&D node (on top of the node I need for the structural basics needed for US2) That, or DMagic needs to move his science parts around, because they're available on tier 3.
  12. For the most part I like what this mod is seeking out to do, but it's absolutely got problems that reduce usability. Here's a great example: Universal Storage and DMagic. Installing this mod RECATEGORIZES a lot of Universal Storage parts into their own category. This completely strips them from the default categories. This, to me, is a problem because it makes finding parts HARDER, not EASIER. When you run a lot of part mods, you usually end up browsing through part categories looking for what fits. I have too many parts to remember what I have unlocked in the tech tree. Problem is once you start moving parts around to special categories, now suddenly it's easier to overlook various parts, because I'm not going to see them. Why the hell wouldn't the DMagicOrbitalScience pieces be available in the Science tab? This mod moves them somewhere else. So when I'm looking for experiments to put on my craft, I go to the Science tab, where 90% of the experiments are located... except some of them aren't, because this mod moved them. Now I don't see them, and I don't remember that I have a bunch of experiments available. Additionally, this mod completely breaks the search function. If I install this mod and type in 'universal' in the search bar, almost nothing comes up for Universal Storage. There's no rhyme or reason for why it wouldn't show up excepting the possibility that this mod somehow completely cripples the ability of the search bar to find parts it renames. Again, this by itself wouldn't be an issue, except with certain parts that get recategorized, well, now when I type 'GORE' looking for the GORESat experiments from DMagic, the Universal Storage GORESat doesn't show up. This becomes a bigger problem, because now I have to question how many parts I have that are ALSO recategorized that I'm not seeing beyond just US/DMagic.
  13. Universal Storage looks like it's missing stuff at complete random. For example, the 'small' decoupler is just straight missing from the US tab, but the large one is there. Also, why can't use the search function to find US parts?
  14. How do I blacklist certain science categories? The SIGINT from DMagic was already mentioned, but there's also problem with the WildBlue MOLE experiments (it keeps popping "Empty slot for an experiment" which isn't possible to complete). I found this: @CC_EXPERIMENT_DEFINITIONS[StationScience] { @EXPERIMENT,* { ignored = true } } But... I don't know what the hell this is saying.
  15. I have a family of lifting rockets from an older version that have probe cores built in to them. But I was having problems on 1.7 making them work, the rockets were dead on the launched with no communication. I had the "renaming rules" set to priority 1, type "debris", so any leftover upper stages are just marked as debris and I don't have to worry about clutter. However this is 100% for sure making them unusable. If I change them to any other vessel type they suddenly get control back on the launch pad. If I change the vessel type on the pad it does nothing (in either direction... setting them to debris doesn't lose control, setting them to vessels doesn't gain me control). It specifically is only when launching from the VAB that is giving me grief. What the hell is this? I am NOT using Remotetech.