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  1. What am I supposed to do with Thermal Power? I have four NERV engines that become totally inoperative when they saturate with ThermalPower. I'm not talking about waste heat, I have radiators for that. But when I throttle the engine down, ThermalPower spikes and NEVER goes away. All I have pieced together is that there's parts that use 'thermalpower' for fuel. Yeah except I don't care, I don't want them, I don't need them, and I don't even know what we're talking about here, or if I even have any unlocked. I've been using hyperedit to drain the worthless resource but seriously is there no way to dump it? Also why can I activate my NERVAs twice? It doubles the power output, which is cool, but pretty sure it's not supposed to be happening...
  2. I have four nuclear engines and they keep accumulating ThermalPower. Once it saturates, the engines become worthless and won't work. Warping for some time did nothing to sink it. In fact I think it went up. I'm not talking about Waste Heat, my four ginormous radiators handle that.
  3. I just noticed a flaw in Kerbalism's life support. Greenhouses consume water, but the water is lost forever. Which makes no sense. The water is still there, it's just locked inside the plants. The water would be recoverable two ways - first, Kerbal digestion of the plant matter. Second, you can make a slurry and break down the inedible parts of the plants. However, instead, all water into a greenhouse is lost forever.
  4. I have one problem, and one ask, with PCR. The first is that unlike other IVAs, PCR seems to not be immune to the 'c' key being pressed when other windows have focus, ie: renaming a craft. If I'm typing the letter 'c' while renaming, it pops in and out of the control room. It's minor, but annoying. The second, is, what does it take to upgrade the JSI panels to MAS panels? Would be nice to expand the screen options on the three control stations to include all possible MFDs, like the MAS ALCOR MK1 and MK2 screen as well.
  5. Before I get too deep into logs and all that, maybe I'm missing something obvious: Chatterer works totally fine for me... EXCEPT the environmental sounds... they simply don't play anything. I get the beeps, the bleeps, the boops, the voice chatter, breathing, airlocks... but nothing on the AAE effects. No, 'only in IVA' isn't checked (it doesn't work in IVA anyway). I am using Rocket Sound Enhanced, messing with it doesn't seem to affect anything, but, could it be causing some conflict?
  6. Sounds good. It looks like MAS itself was handling compatibility with VDS cams, so I left a message over in that thread about expanding compatibility.
  7. I think it's funny that we're talking about life support being too complex or something. It's a critical aspect of spaceflight. How about we get rid of fuel too.
  8. Is it supposed to replace all legacy RPM screens with MAS screens, or not? I've been messing around with the VDS HullCams and trying to figure out why some cameras work and some don't (note: thanks for the monochrome filter, but are there any more options? It'd be nice to get the MAS screens to be IDENTICAL to what the VDS cams look like as some have different postprocessing effects and the cross overlay), and I noticed that I still have a ton of RPM screens mixed with MAS screens on my IVAs. The ALCOR pod, for example, is FULL BLOWN RPM, which is especially funny because MAS has specific screens literally titled "ALCOR MFD 1/2" on them. PS: On the original point, there's a lot of VDS cams that aren't supported by MAS right now, and the ones that are, have no camera controls - I can move and zoom the cameras on RPM screens, but MAS screens don't work. Maybe this is supposed to be intentional on many cameras, but some make no sense (ie: pictozooms). WideAngleCam - Supported. Pictozoom 1000/2000 - Supported. ScienceCam - Supported. Honestly no idea what the point of this camera is it looks standard as any other camera. NightVisionCam - Supported, w/ NV effect. LaunchCam - Supported. KerbPro - Supported. Kazzelblad - Supported, w/ monochrome and grain. Aerocam std/180 - Supported. NavCam - Partial Support. On the MAS display it appears like a standard camera, but with low resolution. Controlling the camera shows it should be monochrome, with high amount of grain. Boostercam Forward/Aft - Partial Support. On the MAS display it appears like a standard camera, but with low resolution. Controlling the camera shows it should have a cross reticle and a high amount of grain. May also have a yellow filter. RoverCam Night - Unsupported. NV effect should be identical to NVCam. RoverCam Color - Unsupported. Should have a wide FOV. TurretCam - Unsupported. MunCam - Unsupported. Should have a cross reticle, low resolution, narrow FOV, and extreme grain. Hazcam / Hazcam Superwide - Unsupported. Should have cross reticle, high resolution, and moderate grain. Note that 'super wide' even in default HullCam mod is... generous. It's not wide. May also have a yellow filter. HullCameraDeluxe - Unsupported. Should be monochrome, low FOV, high grain. Aerocam UP/DN - Unsupported. Should have cross reticle, high resolution, and moderate grain, and be angled up.
  9. Okay, first, I'm unfamiliar with the different IVA mods and what does what, so forgive me on that one. It's my understanding that RPM is the OG MFD mod, MAS is the most recent, and ALCOR has its own thing. So I'm going to put screenshots in here. I'm using the NearFuture IVAs because they include pretty much all MFDs. First, there's these. I think these are RPM screens. EXTRA CAMS screen: You can pan/zoom/tilt the cameras. Cameras supported: Hazcam, Hazcam Wide, Booster Cam (bugged), Wide Angle Cam (bugged), Aerocam (std, up, dn, 180). The two bugged cameras appear to have part of the camera model visible on the MFDs, blocking your view. Not sure if the FOV is working properly. In direct control view, Aerocam UP and DN have pretty considerably different views than on the RPM screen. On the MFD it looks like a pretty standard camera, and I can see the runway, but direct control, they both have narrower FOV and are angled up, such that I can barely see the ground, and can't see the runway at all. Absolutely zero postprocessing. Does not tell me what camera title is. POD CAMS screen: ALCOR pod built-in cameras only. Does not seem to support the ALCOR attachable camera. These look like a type of MAS screen. POD CAMS screen: Cameras supported: ScienceCam, Nightvision, Pictozoom (both telescopes), Kazzleblad (ie: the big "BoosterCam"), BoosterCam (both directions), Aerocam (Up/Dn only, not std/180), WideAngle, NavCam (the single lens), Launchpad Cam, KerbPro. Postprocessing ONLY works on: Kazzelbad, Nightvision. There's no camera overlays, either (ie: the cross pattern). If some cameras are supposed to appear lower-resolution, this seems to be functional. Or this is just a way for the MFD to save frames, and I'm imagining it. No panning/tilting/zooming control. Tells me camera name, but frequently gets cut off. EXTRA CAMS screen: Only the NavCam (single lens version) is working. No postprocessing. No panning/tilting/zooming control. Tells me camera name, but frequently gets cut off. ALCOR MFD 2? Identical to the POD CAMS screen above, except I have mysterious 'NEXT' and 'PREV' buttons that appear on-screen and do nothing. Maybe it's just an indicator telling me there's more cameras? No panning/tilting/zooming control. Tells me camera name. ALCOR MFD 1? Identical to the POD CAMS screen above, except I have mysterious 'NEXT' and 'PREV' buttons that appear on-screen and do nothing. Maybe it's just an indicator telling me there's more cameras? Has some sort of 'grain' effect on all camera displays. I like it. Not visible on MFD2. No panning/tilting/zooming control. Tells me camera name. MAS IFMS MFD No camera control options on this MFD. OTHER Is it just me, or can nobody else pan/tilt cameras when controlling them directly? I can zoom, that's it. I have a billion mods so probably something with me. The following cameras have zero MFD support: TurretCam, Dual NavCam(Rovercam), MunCam, BasicHullDeluxe, ALCOR External Radial-Mount Camera (this one doesn't work in any format, even direct part interaction). What exactly are these MAS ALCOR screens, and why does the ALCOR pod not even have them? MAS I think is supposed to automatically upgrade all my JSI RPM screens to MAS screens, apparently that's not happening. Hmm.
  10. Okay having some issues with this. Namely, I can't figure it out. A) How did you get KOS to work on the RPMs? This may sound stupid, I know there's a CKAN mod for "kOS Prop Monitor", but honestly, it doesn't do excrements, I can't see KOS popping up on ANY of my RPM screens. Where is it? B) I got an absolute avalanche of error screens from the kOS console when I tried to run the script file, namely, about "SETDELEGATE not found on object BUTTONS. Is this related to kOS RPM?
  11. Hahah okay that did it. One must use proper grammar when interfacing with kOS
  12. Here's a screenshot from inside the Proteus command pod. As you can see, most of the screens don't work. Also, if you notice, the Instrument Panel lights don't work, nor does any illumination of the buttons (cockpit lights work okay it seems). The Nereid pod works 100% fine, this is something specific about the Proteus that's busted. So much of this pod was broken I legit was treating this like a flight simulator and was looking for a switch that said 'battery' or something because I thought nothing had power. EDIT: Oh my god. OH MY GOD. There ACTUALLY IS A BATTERY AND BUS switch under the red covers on the top right. I was NOT expecting there to actually be one. @Nertea you absolute cheeky stand-up guy.
  13. Anyone have any insight on how to improve/expand functionality for the cameras with MFDs? Not all of them work on the "cycle camera" views on ANY of the MFDs (ALCOR/MAS/RPM), and only the "ALCOR MAS MFD2" has any of the postprocessing camera effects. I'd love to have the MFDs work with all the cameras and postporcessing, especially for use with the Probe Control Room mod. But all those MFDs are RPMs, and thus, don't work right.
  14. Nice! I never used KOS because I frankly couldn't figure anything out. Thanks!
  15. Son of a B, that's brilliant, that actually made everything make sense.
  16. Okay thanks everyone for the responses. I'm not sure I totally get it though, but that porkchop planner did help by illustrating more extreme examples. Basically, that sliver is where it wants to do a polar dive over the sun, because of the inclination difference? I kind of feel like I need an MS Paint illustration of why this is the problem, and why for that very magical sliver of transit, a standard transfer is impossible... So if Mechjeb can't account for mid-course plane changes, what can? Should you just use the standard Mechjeb transfer planner, or is there something better? If you're using the Mechjeb system is it actually less efficient than it ever could be with mid-course correction? And what's the best point for correction?
  17. PERFORMANCE. First, KSP1 has some kind of nasty memory leak that gradually grinds the game performance until you reset. Second, graphically, you do a lot to make the game look nice, but your framerate will just be awful. Third, the enormous RAM usage, the absurdly long 'render' times when approaching things, terrible performance with 400+ part space stations, etc. This is a concession of the wings we have. They can't really know how we have the wings used and they need to be dynamic enough for all sorts of usage, so... that's what we get.
  18. Man I'm getting deeper into the tech tree and some of these engine ratings really stop making sense and hurt the game. Notably, aerospike engines. There's no reason for them to be ignition-limited. Ignition limits made some sense on lifter engines because of the amount of power in them, but an aerospike is, like, the opposite of fragile. Given the nature of aerospikes and their use in-game, having ONE ignition makes them basically worthless. They aren't actually lifter engines. Terrible. There's also a lot of engines that really do need more ignitions just by nature of their intention, for example, the Mk.2 Expansion has some chemical engines for spaceplanes/SSTOs. Obviously a single-ignition limit makes them worthless for SSTO, but, alas, the formula has rendered them purposeless. I love the idea and for the most part I find the concept functional, but when you run into situations - like with Aerospikes - where the feature essentially makes them worthless, I have no choice but to disable the feature
  19. You can see that there's an efficient transfer but in the middle of it is a little sliver of inefficient transfer. I'm just rather curious what actually is causing that?
  20. Hey thanks. Though... how do I deploy it? I only have a button to 'deposit resources', is that normal? What do I need to 'deposit'? Material Kits? Did I miss the documentation on this? The original post is beyond worthless.
  21. Does anyone know how to get the RPM MFDs to work in the Fishhead? I noticed two things: 1) The TunaCockpit is the only one missing an "internal_RPM" file, and 2) In M2X_RPM_ASET.cfg, TunaCockpit is the only one missing a config. I added @PART[*]:HAS[@INTERNAL[TunaCockpit]]:NEEDS[ASET]:Final { @INTERNAL { @name = TunaCockpitASET } } But all that did was break the IVA such that you can't even go internal at all anymore.
  22. Did nobody notice that the greenhouse module Kerbalism config grow rate is one decimal point off and takes five years to grow food?
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