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  1. Does this work fine in 1.8.x? It's a mod that you can't live without once you start using it.
  2. Awesome, thanks. By the way, is the realchute commit also making it into the next version?
  3. It's an amazing mod and I hope you find time to update it, you become reliant on it real quick.
  4. Seems like there's a problem with the animations of antennae when combined with remotetech, causing them to always be deployed:
  5. I never realized until now just how much of a backbone all of your mods(Even just the non library stuff) is to how I play this game.
  6. Happen to know if there's still an incompatibility with KSTS? This was that mod authors description of the problem last I checked: Not sure if the method has changed since.
  7. Would it be possible to add the "Newly Compatible" tab as a sorting option? Like so you can see the newest to oldest mods that were updated to the versions you specified? Sometimes I miss going into the tab to see if there's anything new so would like a full list.
  8. What would an MM config to add Gold and Gold Ore from the Gold Standard mod to the kontainers look like?
  9. Yeah could really use a small thing explaining how to use this
  10. Does KSTS break USILS entirely, or is it just when sending kerbals up?
  11. For some reason tundra parts aren't patched by remotetech, copying the "MKS_*" MM patch and making it say "Tundra_*" instead fixes the local control.
  12. Oh boy, can't wait for that, currently using SimpleConstruction but I do prefer the GC style. For some reason when I buy these three 3.75m parts they don't stay bought: (Constellation prerelease with newest usitools from github instead of the prerelease version that breaks drills)
  13. The problem I see with only using GroundConstruction is that it's the last thing that forces you to use KSC launches in the lategame, and sometimes it can take literal years for a box to get to the planet your base is on.
  14. Would it be possible to hide or grey out the button if there's no science to be gotten?