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  1. Do you know if this extension is compatible with existing save and mod from 1.7 or will I need to redownload my mods thanks
  2. The other day I was capturing an asteroid and it start wobbling in all direction and when I unlock the pivot to align with the asteroid center of mass , my probe even went into the asteroid. file:///C:/Users/Étienne%20Gagné/Desktop/screen%20shot%20ARM%20wobbling/Capture%203.PNG then a few second later... file:///C:/Users/%C3%89tienne%20Gagn%C3%A9/Desktop/screen%20shot%20ARM%20wobbling/Capture%204.PNG I guess it does that because the simple reaction wheel and the lack of strut is not strong enough to withstand the wobbling. file:///C:/Users/%C3%89tienne%20Gagn%C3%A9/Desktop/screen%20shot%20ARM%20wobbling/Capture%205.PNG Am I right or is that a another thing happening?
  3. Sometimes , when I get result for a transfer window I dont get the phase angles and the ejection angle button to get the overlay in the map so how can I have them back. thank you
  4. Thanks my error was that I did not rename the backup file now it works
  5. Someday for no apparent reason , I was unable to load my save and it was written in red Error accessing this save and below Argument cannot be null I try to solve this problem by myself so I look on Internet and I found a old thread (here) that tell me take a backup save from the backup folder and change the persistent save by that backup save. I do that and I open the game after that , and it says that my save is uncompatible with my version of KSP but before that problem my game was working perfectly. I have DMagic orbital science, Mechjeb 2, Precise node , Scansat , Stage Recovery, Tac self-destruct, Trajectories, Transfer Window Planner and Tweakscale for installed mods. All of them or up to date for 1.4.2 except Precise Node which is 1.4.1 but ad said before everything was working perfectly. Thanks for helping me
  6. thank you everyone Is there any 1.4.2 downloading file as I'm playing in that version of the game. I try to use in my game but it is incompatible thank you
  7. I need to build a plane that can cruise between 17 -20km and have a range that can go halfway around Kerbin How will you do in that situation knowing that I have only the Panther, the wheesley and the basic jet engine for propulsion thank you
  8. I am building a Duna Sample return mission for science and for my Duna surface to Duna orbit stage i am asking if fairing are useful or not and if they worth the delta-v lost during other part of the mission. I am still very early in the design process, so any tips to help me succeed the mission would be welcome. thank you
  9. I have a contract that demanding me to make ground contact on Eve. Does I have to land on Eve or just crashing is fine ?
  10. I think it will be just be to easy money because in my career game I have rocket from 3.5 t payload all the way up tp 61 t payload rocket so to do that contract you will only need to take the satellite, put it on top of the rocket and launch . Seems a bit easy cash which could reduce the fun in career mode due to lack of funds maangement.
  11. seems like a goos idea but I think that the game physics did not allow that because I think it will to much demanding on the computer performance
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