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  1. I built two rovers for my science save. Imgur album Not Triop, but ReCoupler is a wonderful little mod. And it works in 1.7.1.
  2. I sent a box to Mun. And found my first Mun Stone. Imgur album
  3. It seems that you have to connect a node to the Hydraulic Cylinders for them to work as intended. So simply put a Cubic Octagonal Strut between the piston and the surface attachment part.
  4. The reason for me asking was that I had already written my own config file for Making History and was quite surprised when the kerbals on my stations couldn't reach their return vehicles anymore after updating to . Thank you very much for the quick response.
  5. Just wanted to ask if it is intended for the Structural Tubes of Making History to lack surfaceAttachmentsPassable = true in version while the stock Structural Fuselage has that attribute.
  6. Delivered the solar power module to Mun Ground 01.
  7. Bolted some batteries onto Mun Ground 01
  8. Landed the command hub of a station on Mun.
  9. a) Cobbled together a new station in orbit around Duna because station 1 wasn't at all compatible with CLS. b) Sent part of the crew of station 1 on shore leave. c) Tested the feasibility of a range of modules for ground stations.
  10. Had to do some rearranging on my station to get the Duna Lander and Module #4 to fit in snuggly.
  11. Extended my station in orbit around Duna.
  12. Threw a couple of ComSats and station parts around Duna.