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  1. Audiobotguy03

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Chum Chum Bedrum. XD
  2. Audiobotguy03

    Flyout Alpha Discusion

    Yeah,some of YouTube's features can be very buggy. XD
  3. Audiobotguy03

    Flyout Alpha Discusion

    Do you realize that YouTube's "Game Title Recognition" feature is glitchy,right? They did not purposely put it as KSP to "advertise it",it was recognized by YouTube as "Kerbal Space Program" rather being a different game,I've seen the same thing happen before with other game videos.
  4. Awesome,fixed wing landing gear and the x1 rocket engine! I really wonder when are the next pics coming out,I'm hyped to see more of the next update.
  5. Audiobotguy03

    [1.4.3 v 1.2.3] SM_Stryker BDA 1.22

    Awesome! PS:From what I checked before,there aren't any KSP mods that include the engines that I requested,so you are ok to go.
  6. Audiobotguy03

    Long time KSP player,new member.

    It's ok. XD Happy New year to you too (even if i'm also late)
  7. Audiobotguy03

    [1.4.3 v 1.2.3] SM_Stryker BDA 1.22

    I have a suggestions for "pre-modern" engines that deserve to be added.I've always wanted to use these engines in some of my turboprop aircraft creations. PS:I linked all the Wikipedia pages for specifications and info 1. Armstrong Siddley Double Mamba Rolls Royce/Napier Eland
  8. Audiobotguy03

    What did you do when you where 8?

    When I was eight I browsed YouTube and watched Transformer and retro game console reviews,and I also built retro game console replicas and Transformers out of Legos.
  9. Audiobotguy03

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    NOPE @Adstriduum SHALL RISE!
  10. Audiobotguy03

    Google Picture War RELOADED

  11. Audiobotguy03

    Your Favorite Anime

    (BUMP) I'm more of a Manga person. But non-the-less,I'm going to have to say Full Metal Alchemist (Manga Version)
  12. Audiobotguy03

    Long time KSP player,new member.

    Thank you!
  13. Audiobotguy03

    Long time KSP player,new member.

    I'm more of that person that tests mods and that makes crafts with the mods that come with parts (Usually to test engines and use wings and fuselages). (I edited the previous recent reply of mine to tell him)
  14. Audiobotguy03

    Long time KSP player,new member.

    Sorry,I don't really have any programming skills. I'm also more of a person that makes things in KSP and that tests mods instead. I could test your mod if you want.