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  1. I've been recently playing a lot of SimpleRockets 2, and I just recently started building this English Electric Lightning on it, it's still a work in progress. It comes complete with a fully moving nozzle, and spinning "turbines" (it's actually just a flattened nosecone part with a texture to look like a turbine) to add more detail. I also used two rocket engines for the burners, instead of the default jet engine afterburners, to have a better looking flame and faster activation when it's action groups are activated (and for a little more power). Here's a video to showcase it's engines.
  2. I'm back with a new plane! I haven't been able to post anything new since I've been busy with school, but here is a SAAB A-32A Lansen. Complete with a makeshift two petal nozzle (just like the r e a l one. :3), built using two small fan shrouds, to add a little extra detail.
  3. I went and built this fictional variant of the F-94 Starfire that was made as a model by a guy named Dizzyfugu on Imgur, you can check out the images of the original model here. (and maybe even his other models too, I think they're really cool. lol)
  4. I'm going to post this, while this isn't exactly fan-art, It's a showcase of this Saab Lansen (and Draken) turbojet part I modeled for a mod idea, i haven't made the textures yet. and yes, I plan on making more, maybe I'll even go ahead and make a mod with this and other parts I plan on modeling.
  5. I have to say, great mod! I really enjoy the variety of cockpits included with the mod, I've built a couple of real life aircraft to try them out. Also I'm interested to see the new cockpits you're planning to add, plus with the nuclear engines and the KRX rotors coming back. And, little question, Do you plan on adding in more engines aside from the nuclear ones and the rotors? (such as other new jet engines?)
  6. So it's been a while since I've posted something here, but here is a clip of me flying my recently built Bell F-109 (Bell D-188) and a shot from the previous flight I did, with Jeb and Bill standing by the side of the jet. Yes, it does go supersonic.
  7. I built an F4D Skyray, yesterday. It can go supersonic and it flies quite nicely. (Landing and takeoff can be a little wonky though.)
  8. Thanks for the info, I was wondering that myself before! :D
  9. So I took a couple of formation shots of one of my drones doing a formation flight with a T38 Talon I built. First formation shot. Second formation shot.
  10. So today, I made this supersonic bomber jet. This plane can take off using the turbojets or the "immediate takeoff" rocket boosters. This bomber carries a nuke and has two 50 Cal machine guns on the tail. This plane can slow down using airbrakes, parachutes, wheel brakes, or all. The plane's design is based off the XF-108. Mods Used: RetroFuture Mark IV Spaceplane Systems Procedural Wings TweakScale BDarmory
  11. I like the new resized c130 "Titan" engine changes you added to the update, the other new parts are great too!
  12. So I flew this spyplane I built (that I based of of the U-2 Dragonlady), to the edge of space.
  13. I giggled when I read these posts. PS: I apologize for the unnecessary post,I just wanted to know if everything was ok. As for the other reply That I can understand,I've seen said "6 month hiatus" thing happen before on some posts in this forum .
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