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  1. Thank you everyone. It has been a great help. Problem solved successfully!
  2. Thank you. Actually photos are not available as of now. actually the thing is that wing is already 8degrees inclined and is producing enough lift for cruise. But the problem is that it is able to cruise only at low altitude and when i try to take it higher it just doesnt go. Only the nose goes up while the plane as whole tries to come down. (I guess the correct term here would be -stall, not sure)
  3. In a plane the Centre of mass is just ahead of the centre of pressure, so it is stable. When elevator movement is given, it does go nose up but it doesnot climb. Instead in it tries to come down. How to make it climb. P.s Rhodes34 airfoil if used inclined at 8deg Basically I want to know what affects the rate of climb and vertical velocity