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  1. @jrodriguez I second that, the Realism Overhaul fork is the successor of my fork, and everyone should use that one.
  2. Hello! I am glad that the Procedural Parts community is still active. As I wrote before, I don't have time for KSP any more. I will merge whale2's pull request so this should fix rerooting problems. ozraven's patch looks hacky so I am unsure about that one yet. Realism Overhaul (RP-0 at least) is still relying on Procedural Parts so they can take over if needed. And if someone has the time for full-time fixing of Procedural Parts, go ahead but make sure it doesn't break things, especially for RO.
  3. Good contribution, whale_2! If you manage to fix the regression that steddyj reported I will merge it. I think it could be from line 1498.
  4. @steddyj I have not responded because there is nothing I can do as I don't play KSP any more. If someone manages to fix this, either fork the repository or submit a pull request, it is open source.
  5. @zer0Kerbal Stock does not use these fuels unless I have missed it in an update, and mods adding fuels usually have to add procedural parts configs as well. Realism Overhaul does it for example, you can check how they do it. This is entirely config-side matter, no need for anything compiled or included in the base mod to be changed.
  6. 1.2.18 is both for 1.3.1 and for 1.4+. However, CKAN has a problem with versions being newer but with a lower version number so I bumped it to 1.3.18. And if I have to diverge KSP 1.3.1 and 1.4+ branches because of a 1.4+ bug again, I would be unable to use the 1.2.x versions because of it without pulling them from CKAN, so it better not happens.
  7. @PadroneI am not sure. The code doing that should be this one. It does not check for default textures specifically.
  8. What I suggest is to use a module manager that is FOR: ProceduralParts and Snacks, and use +Part to create a custom procedural tank.
  9. Here is a pre-release that should work both on 1.4 and 1.5. https://github.com/Tidal-Stream/ProceduralParts/releases/tag/v1.3.16.1a
  10. If you have no issues, I can do and release a build where I marked it as supporting both 1.4 and 1.5.
  11. @AntstarNo, this is a common RealismOverhaul KER issue. Remove the crew and you will not see the mass increase. This is just VAB/SPH problem, in-flight the mass is correct. @OwariThis is USI problem, not ProceduralParts one. @Citizen247You have to figure out the formula of the oval cross-section, then instead of the loop going around the circle, you will have a loop that picks the next point in the oval. For regular polygons you could choose n points, then every iteration of the loop you go along the sides and corners of it.
  12. Can you provide a screenshot? Optionally create a github issue with this description and screenshot because things can be hard to find in a long thread in the future when someone tries fixing these bugs.
  13. What is going on is that no one so far has figured out how to balance and cost them for RP-0, placing them in the correct nodes and them costing sensible amount of funds. If you want to do that, feel free to submit a patch (pull request) to the RP-0 GitHub repository.
  14. CKAN installs for KSP 1.3.1 but on loading it gives a warning that it was built for 1.4.1. Usually these warnings are for earlier versions (1.2.2, 1.3) so I ignore them but 1.4.1 is later. I do not see problems so far but I thought it would be good to note this.
  15. The nozzle gets red when its temperature rises. For some reason this animation is bugged and is always red. I am not a graphic designer so I am not sure how it works exactly. Also the SRB bells IRL are usually white. Try replacing SRBBell.mu and StretchySRBBell.dds. I don't know why the bell placement gets broken. While we are on the topic, can you test the 1.2.15 Beta with the SRB thrust fix? I will release it as stable and merge it in the KSP 1.4 branch if I get one more positive feedback for it (I try to be conservative with releases to not break stuff). Update: Released the SRB thrust fix for 1.3 and 1.4.3 today. They are both indexed on CKAN (had to delete and recreate the beta version for CKAN to index it). It makes it easy to create fully solid ICBMs as I found out during testing today. Unfortunately most of them ended on solar escape trajectories even with 4000 kg ore payloads. Have fun with them and fly safe. O7
  16. @Tyko I have just tested your textures mod - it works fine and the textures look great. I see that CKAN already made Procedural Parts suggest your mod, which is very good - I was about to try to do that manually. I would just suggest changing LtGrey and DkGrey to GreyLt and GreyDk so that they are next to each other in the texture selection - with many texture mods it is easy to forget there are both Light and Dark variations.
  17. Please specify game version and mod version when reporting bugs so I can check if I can reproduce them too.
  18. @leatherneck6017 If you mean manually, here is a video of NathanKell using procedural parts and changing the texture. If you mean making the default texture another one, use the textureSet variable in the ProceduralPart module. Here is an example in 2TankRCS.cfg. The definitions of the textures are in STTextures.cfg.
  19. I updated the existing mixed, liquid fuel, and monopropellant tanks in the stock parts spreadsheet. I will upload to the repository when everything is updated. Because it is .xlsx, I will convert it to a plain LibreOffice spreadsheet for better git handling. I swapped the minimum and maximum drag for parts where minimum was more than maximum.A post by NathanKell said that drag values are now meaningless anyway. Also Starwaster commited 2 changes on his branch, so I will look into merging them on mine too. Update: I converted it to .fods and reapplied the changes, and updated the xenon tanks too (partially). Here is the feature branch on GitHub. And here is the spreadsheet. Feel free to update it and fill in the missing parts.
  20. @Tyko Hey, I actually didn't know that there was a wiki at all, thanks. Apparently Swamp-Ig had written one in 2014 but the next maintainer, Starwaster, forked the repo without the wiki, and I forked the Starwaster's repo. I will look into ways to get the old wiki in my repo too. Update: We now have a wiki. I will look for any broken links and will try to fix them. I will leave it open for editing by everyone in case someone wants to contribute. You need a Github account though. Someone could update the spreadsheet with stock parts linked in the wiki, and see if we should rebalance parts.
  21. @Tyko What I usually do is search in the code, for example with the Github search engine or with the `grep` command. The best documentation I found was in the GameData/ProceduralParts/Parts/STTextures.cfg file.
  22. @CrixomixCan you provide more information about your KSP install and then post this under Github Issues? You can read the Stock Support & Bug Reporting Guide and How to Get Support.
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