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  1. Nauka had a few errant thrusters fire some time after docking and the ISS ended up 45 degrees out of normal orientation. Everything's under control now but schedules are definitely gonna get pushed back as a result.
  2. They're going to need to individually right-click on each of Nauka's thrusters to disable them.
  3. Transporting resources is the same as regular spaceflight, except you're carrying resources. There's no 'intuition' for it, aside from the intuition for orbital mechanics you already have from playing KSP.
  4. Tiles on the nosecone! Looks like they're going with the 'cut-off tiles' approach to deal with the compound curvature:
  5. Payload deployment, a successful mission!
  6. Note that this isn't tiles just yet, only the thermal blankets that go underneath.
  7. Do you have any evidence to back this up? Yes, you're going to see a lot of people on this forum using mods like MechJeb, but that's because people who've joined the forum are more likely to be aware of the modding community as a whole (thanks to the extensive modding section of this forum). We don't have very reliable data on how many players KSP has, but the members of this forum are clearly a small subset of the entire playerbase. The majority of KSP players probably don't use any mods at all, especially when you count console players. So, if anything, people who use mods at all are in a minority.
  8. You have to put the entire StockWaterfallEffects folder into Gamedata, not just the folders it contains.
  9. A couple closer looks at the orbital launch table:
  10. The 9th launch tower section is being stacked, aside from a 3m lightning rod this will bring the tower to its full height. The orbital launch table (!) is also on its way to the pad:
  11. At this point they should just rename New Glenn to New Musk.
  12. Meanwhile, Tory is still looking for his engines...
  13. Well, I don't think they have the room...
  14. Well, given that docking with multiple docking ports simultaneously is possible, it'd make sense that multi-grabbing would work too (or maybe it doesn't, I'm unfamiliar with the technical details of how klaw grabbing works and whether it's at all similar to docking).
  15. kurtjmac. Specifically, this video: I originally watched his channel for his Minecraft Far Lands or Bust series, but when I started watching his KSP series, I was totally hooked. I've never been able to shake the addiction, and frankly, I don't want to
  16. I love this sort of deep dive! Thanks guys
  17. This isn't S20's nosecone as it has no flap aerocovers. It appears to be a pathfinder for a payload bay:
  18. Wasn't that talking about a flame diverter? They may just make up for the lack of a flame diverter with a massive water deluge.
  19. Dragon relocating to a different port on the ISS ahead of the Starliner OFT-2 flight.
  20. They found some issues with it before release that prevented them from shipping it with the main update. The original plan was to release it in the 1.12.1 update but that was a hotfix for a particularly nasty bug, so we'll probably see it in 1.12.2.
  21. This bit is probably just going to be topping off the tower, probably with a roof and lightning rod. The tower's structure is close to complete, but there's still a lot to add for it to actually function as a launch tower. Arms for fuelling the vehicle (and catching the booster in the future) and wiring still need to be installed.
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