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  1. Is there any possibility to knew how much power will produce sstu solar panel, except launching vessel with it?
  2. Hello. Today i copied my KSP folder to other PC and on this PC i have strange KSP crash on startup. I have checked files by steam, but nothing missed is found, try to clear game settings, but problem appear again and again. It looks like KSP go to eat all PC memory and then crash. BTW on my laptop with same copy of the game evrything seems to work fine(except fps). Here are logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pdzgrui0dspmgid/AAAWLOHJbNGIWfSZa_0_kv23a?dl=0 Can somebody help me to find a problem? and my modlist:
  3. @Lisias Hi, if your workaround with RT update helps contracts to appear again, can you post it here in compiled variant?
  4. Странный баг у меня получается, когда я пытаюсь прикрепить/открепить какой либо элемент не происходит ничего кроме возникновения иконки с подписью, нет никакой реакции на клик, но при этом вещи спокойно перетягиваются и выкидываются из инвентаря. Как это возможно исправить?
  5. Is that any way to control winch directly from connected kerbal? I found some hotkeys in manual but no one of them works in eva.
  6. I have strange bug in KIS, when i try to attach/deattach/move items kis doesnt do anything exept show icon and text, when i click any item nothing happens, but same time i can easily drag&drop tem from inventory
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