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  1. My liquid fuel engines doesn't leave a trail like the solid rocket engines, is there a way to make that possible?
  2. Awesome part pack, helped me a lot with a SSTO I was designing.
  3. Great mod, I've made an orbital refuel station to any Nerv powered craft I have :3
  4. Even if you have an 1080p monitor you'll see that screenshots in KSP, especially after cropped, leaves a lot to be desired, and KSP DOES have an "hidden" function to help YOU out with your screenshots. Go to your KSP root folder, than open the settings.cfg file Search (ctrl+f it there to help you out) for "SCREENSHOT_SUPERSIZE=" The number you put in front of that statement is goin to be multiplied to your current render resolution. Meaning that, if you have an 1080p resolution (monitor) and you put 2 on the statement you are gonna have 4k screenshots, if you want an specific 16:9 resolution or any other aspect THAT YOU ARE RENDERING THE GAME, just use the Rule of Three: Looks complicated doesn't it? But its as simple as a 5th grade multiplication an division equation, you'll see. A=1080 (Your resolution) B=1 (the Super sample Statement) X= 2160 (target resolution) y=? (target super sample statement) So: Y=B . X / A Y= 1 . 2160 / 1080 Y= 2160 / 1080 Y=2 So if you want a 4k screenshot while running the game at 1080p just put 2 on the statement and you are good to go. After all is configured just press F1 to do a in-game screenshot, and you can also press F2 to hide the HUD. Hope this helps someone.
  5. I used some mods to accomplish the image below (its not actually perfect, but is on the decimeter mark), and they are: MechJeb2 (pointing me to the right direction, and limiting my engines to as low as 0,000001m/s) Kerbal Engineer Redux (for detailed orbital info) First, I used MechJeb to create a maneuver node to put my inclination to 0º, which wasn't perfect (but still useful to know WHEN to burn), than I created it again to kown when to burn and burned manually by using the tool "Limit acceleration to:" under "Utilities" on MechJeb to block my acceleration to 0,00001 (or something like that), once my inclination was non existing i rose my apoapsis and then my periapsis using a very, very low acceleration (thanks MechJeb) to fine tune it, than maneuver node again, this time to semi-major axis, manual burn, increasing the acceleration restraints on MechJeb until it was on the spot. Results?! See for yourself :3 Again, not a PERFECT geosynchronous, but a REALLY close one, the best I could do with lots of tools in my hands, maybe a better orbital information mod....