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  1. At least so far I tried to play the game via internal harddrive and that seems to fix a lot of the lag while flying, I'm going to start my first career savegame so I will be flying a lot of crafts and loading multiple buildings. Though I do realise that a game made for pc is always going to run in harddrive issues, maybe the newer consoles (xbox one x and playstation plus) will be able to handle games like this much better.
  2. Ok, when I scrolled in the link it mentioned a unity 5.something, but whatever. Any idea why the console version is Laggy even with the unity 5 engine? (I'm using xbox one s and game's are on external 2 terrabyte 3.0 harddrive) Edit: I'm going to move the game to internal harddrive to test if that caused the lag issue.
  3. Since the game finally got released I jumped on it like a hungry dog does with food. Rockets is like olden days, never getting them of the ground or losing control and kerbal death, planes work well but only when I make my own wacky designs. So after playing a long time it starts to get irritating that flying my planes (or any other craft with 20+ parts) the game gets super Laggy with every 10-20 seconds stutter. Am I right to say that the Unity 5 engine came after the 1.2 release of pc (enhanced edition is 1.2 version)? I know that porting isn't easy, but does anyone have a idea what type of unity engine the console version is using? Also, if/when blitworks is updating the game, are they going to port a more recent version of ksp from pc or do they update the game themselves to implement new features similar of the pc version?
  4. I noticed what's causing the stuck controls issues and it's just a feature I just realised, very important so make sure to share this with fellow Kerbaunauts (I don't care about giving myself credit's, I like to help many). When you steer your craft in whatever direction, you tend to retract landing gears or do other stuff. I noticed this and did some experiments. It turns out you can deliberately lock your control surfaces at any position you choose, to do this you press and hold LB (xbox) L1 (playstation). To reset it, you press and hold the same button and click your left stick, this will reset every control surface to neutral. All this is with and without sas, after finding this out I was looking in the control manual you can find in the game, there it describes this feature as trim axis (to lock) and reset trim (to reset neutral). This isn't that clear for those not looking for it, so this may caused all the confusion. The main reason for this problem though is that you use this feature when your pulling up and use the LB+X/L1+SQUARE combo to retract the landing gear for example, not sure how this happens, I think a bit of tweaking of the trim feature is needed to avoid accidental trimming of the controls.
  5. Nope, I stay outside view and use the B key (xbox one) What I will try is to do a bunch of flights without using sas at all, to figure out if the problem is with sas or something else, because when problems start is mostly with that on and I notice the problems without turning it of in the first place. Btw: there are no pink markers, but the thing that makes me realise the problems start is that the control surface interface at the bottom left have a darker slightly faded orange line at which point they are stuck, even when sas is permanently on.
  6. It's random, I even made a craft with only 1 control surface for pitch, yawn and roll individually. What I did to inform blitworks is sending a mail via their contact button on their website, and friendly informed what happens and when. I couldn't find a report bug section so I just mailed with the game as title. For the time it takes them to fix this, I'm trying to find a way to limit the problem from appearing, I'll update if I find a reliable way for that.
  7. It happened to me to, only twice so far that my pitch is fully up or down, if I counter steer I can keep it steady. I noticed this only happens when I disable sas, I'm trying to figure out what makes this happen so that I can help Blitworks to fix this bug.
  8. I feel like the new control and menu layout has multiple people confused. I do have a YouTube channel so I'll try to do my best of making a clear tutorial on how to use menu's and controller in various situations. Sadly I do have a cold at the moment so it may not be recorded this week, but a week waiting for a tutorial after years of waiting for a working console edition is worth I think.
  9. First, calm down a bit, second, your right that information in game when starting new game is limited, but there is a help button on every screen with all controls. Yes there is room for improvement, but every new version of something will have a few things that need fixing, at least this time we are going to get updates, blitworks isn't abandoning the updating of console version. You also have to remember that squad gives a version to Blitworks for converting to console (1.2.2 in this case), there's a lot involved into this because coding for pc and console is completely different. Blitworks had to come up with a complete new way of controlling various actions normal done with keyboard and mouse, and make them work on both consoles that only have 14 buttons and 2 joysticks, keeping this in mind and how previous version lacked any decent controller layout the current version is a large improvement. The collecting of science could be made a bit smoother I agree, a easy way is to give it a "hotkey preset" (you can make 10 like you do on pc and they work fine, right button on your controller d pad to use them, left button is various other things like gears, lights, abort and staging) Personally I do prefer the controller layout in a lot of cases but not always, that said I still hope for mouse/keyboard support in future update. How do you have the game settings for controller? I found that radial preset is the smoothest and gives option with a click of your left stick to switch to a cursor control. Btw: I found your statement that this version is same as previous one terrible, I played old version and this current version is much better.
  10. Xbox does support mouse and keyboard, I have minecraft on Xbox one and never used controller on it, always mouse and keyboard for at least half a year or so.
  11. Just seen the release date and I jumped from enthusiasm to be able to play it again. Though it was a mistake because I was sitting at my table which has a sharp ridge and I cut myself on it, yikes.
  12. I hope it will be somewhere this month, the lack of refined kerbal mayhem is taking it's toll on my sense of humor, who knew ksp could act as a therapy.
  13. @SQUAD I may be the only person here on the forum, but I wish there would be keyboard support. Maybe in a future update? Both xbox and playstation detect USB keyboards, minecraft can be played with mouse and keyboard. That said, having multiple controller layouts there will be something that could feel better to use than a keyboard, I just have to wait :-(