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  1. Hi everyone, I just bought this game a month ago and still tied to it haha, here is my issue, I'm triying to complete the contract regarding dock 2 veesses arround kerbin, so 1st I launched one vessel, then send the other, after some time I managed to circularize the orbit and match both vessels in the same pattern (same AP and PA) however.... I don't how to make them encounter(see attached image) if I burn retrograde then the orbit will change and won't be able to reach any of the vessels... to get the things worse....KSP saved automatically so all my pilots are outthere in kerbin orbit (I wish I could save a game before). I would like to know if anybody have some suggestions / advise on how to dock in this scenario. Screens are in spanish(sorry)... but you should be able to understand velocity and distance meausures Vessel1 have aprox = 3590 m/s DeltaV (remaining deltaV ) Vessel2 have aprox = 2506 m/s Deltav(remaining deltaV ) Hope anyone can provide some suggestions.
  2. Hello Great guide, I have the following question, where do you get the value of the ISP, I don't see it on the screenshots, I've also downloaded the MechJeb mod but don't see a Column like "ISP" just get the same you have on your images, probabbly I miss something.
  3. Ohh what a mistake!!! probably the Caravan or other planes in xplane sim have some setting that auto ajust that, my apologizes such a rookie error, that being said thank you so much, I will give it a try again , this time setting the Runway course. Happy new year and thanks! -- To the infinity and beyond!!
  4. Hello, How does the ILS works? on regular flight sims I usually setup the Nav radio with the ILS frequency, verify the Morse code that correspond to the navigation chart and start descend...however by doing this, and start my final descend using RMI to locate the beacon and keep lined to the runway and HSI set with ILS... nothing happens don't see horizontal and vertical lines moving indicating about height and orientation, just get a "Nav" flag inside the HSI ... Any additional steps to perform this? I've been using flight sims for long time ago, wanted to try kerbal and I loved, although is not a flight sim like XPLANE and MS flight simulator series , but it gives you the opportunity to create your own planes and spaceships with a a little bit of reality and love it. Please let me know if there are documentation about panels or a way to setup the ILS, Great job with "Kerbin_AEROCHARTS-25-nov-2017.pdf" AMAZING!!!