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  1. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.5.1+] Vessel Viewer Continued

    I tried Vessel Viewer Continued 0.8.7 (VVC) without RasterPropMonitor (RPM), and want to report 3 bugs: - VVC 0.8.9 does not work without RPM being installed. Altough the release of VVC 0.8.9 comes bundled with RPM v0.30.0, it is a dependency and cannot be tested without it (btw RPM v0.30.5 is out) - On launching a new vessel, for every kerbal in a pod that has access to an RPM monitor, VVC will add an additional DISCO MODE entry to it's toolbar config window (so a ship with a MkI and a lander-can with a kerbal each, will have 2 buttons marked DISCO MODE). This problem is replicated in the RPM monitors, with DISCO MODE and the parts list. - In any VVC viewer, the 'wire' view mode does not display the wire-frame of the craft, but the mesh-model of the craft. This will completely obscure the mesh-model if wire-mode is set to any mode other than 'Hide' KSP version: 1.4.5 linux 64 bit Log-file
  2. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.5.1+] Vessel Viewer Continued

    These problems occur in the toolbar vessel viewer, and look more like some sort of module manager screw-up with multiple repeats of a simple function. I will try things without RPM active, but I hope you will have a moment to view the log. I get a lot of addon acton; vessel viewer.
  3. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.5.1+] Vessel Viewer Continued

    Hey, I've got glitches: The wire model is the same as the full mesh model, I have 5 buttons labeled DISCO MODE and in the RasterPropMonitor Monitors I also have 5 menu entries for both disco and part selector 'custom modes'. (Click Through Blocker and ToolbarController are installed and up-to-date) Player.log file link
  4. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.5.1+] KVV - Kronal Vessel Viewer = Exploded ship view

    Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal\ Space\ Program/Player.log, I could not find a output_log.txt there. But I think I found the problem: I was looking for your 'Vessel Viewer Continued'-mod and this is 'Kronal Vessel Viewer'.
  5. I also have this problem. Also, when I build a waterlander craft, used the waterlauncher to place it at the beach and then sailed to shore, the landing gear didn't act like wheels, but like anchors.
  6. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.5.1+] KVV - Kronal Vessel Viewer = Exploded ship view

    Hey, I am getting the 'button not showing up problem'. I did the CKAN install, saw the comments and removed the KVV, cleaned the cache and installed a fresh release from spacedock, but still no button. The mod is mentioned in the 'toolbar controller', but no buttons are shown in the stock toolbar, the ''blizzy continued toolbar' and RasterPropMonitor also can't find it. Other mods installed: as excrementsload, I haven't had the time for a full 'clean KSP', but I hope this is a quick fix. Log file link:
  7. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [KSP 1.4.2] ShipEffects Continued []

    Is there video review, or video preview for this mod? It is very hard to know based on words alone if this addition is annoying or essential. I found this: Is that video of this mod? Is that the full deal? What is it that I am hearing? Are there sounds beyond 'ambiguous engine rattle'?
  8. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.6] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3.4 [update 10/24/2018]

    But it will not be possible to use the stock texture switching and animation system, and leave the tank-editing to the tank-editing-mods?
  9. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.6] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3.4 [update 10/24/2018]

    I don't want to be annoying, but I saw the splash page list InterstellarFuelSwitch as a explicit dependency of your parts pack. Is it really a requirement to install a(nother) fuel manager to use these excellent parts?
  10. A wiki link. A bulbously shaped crew pod similar to the Mk1 command pod. It has no reaction wheels or mono-propellent, but can carry 20 units of ablator and a 500K Threshold temperature (similar to the stock Heat Shield (1.25m) ). MH-DLC contains 3 of these 'Reentry Module' parts, that exist to, well, do a reentry.
  11. So I am thinking of adding this mod, in the middle of my career mode save (because YOLO!), and am concerned going forward. I am not above cheating to get all of my currently in-flight under-designed craft home, so that isn't the problem. But almost all of my designs rely heavily on the slightly wonky stock re-entry heat physics to survive. Most notability, I use the Mk1 Crew Cabin (external heat tolerance: 2000K, internal 1000K) as a main fuselage section in the rescue craft. These craft also liberally expose fuel-tanks, nose-cones and "landing rockets" to the heat. In the current save (has FAR) their actual weakness was heat transference through a heat shield reaching the weak HECS probe control unit. Since re-entry is a not the easiest test to do (even in sandbox mode, you first need to get to orbit before you can try a re-entry), having to (re)design with that in mind is a bit of a pain. Will shallower re-entry angles be sufficient to allow wingless shuttle-like craft to survive? How much redesign will I need to do compared to KSP with only FAR to make decent landing craft? Do you have any tips for quickly testing re-entry on a craft? Will my suicide-cigar ever fly again?
  12. Hi, uhm, I read the make-a-patch guide, and I made a patch for the MSP-3000 Material Science Pod by Tyko. I have no idea how to properly contribute this, so I've dropped the contents of the new 'MSP3000.cfg' here (just the new stuff, none of the code by Tyko). I hope you guys like it, and if there is anything I can do to properly submit this, let me know.
  13. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.5.x] MSP-3000 Material Science Pod

    A question, a comment and a permission. That fix for contracts that Wyzard posted, I can just drop that code in the 'GameData/MSP3000/Models/MSP3000.cfg', right? No need to put that some place special? I have mixed feelings about putting the MSP3000 on the 'miniaturization'-tech node. On one hand, it is literally on the next step up on the tree, which imho is a bit early for such a high convenience item. On the other hand, I skipped the node in my last career-mode game, because it had so few useful parts on it, and this mod fixes that. And finally, I made a thing: a compatibility patch for MSP-3000 for the indicator lights mod by Snark. I am not sure what our CoC says about 'making a thing with another persons thing' and would like to formally request permission to make the thing I already made. That said, I assumed that if I made the patch, you would be ok with it's existence and distribution. If that is not the case, please let me know.
  14. The-Grim-Sleeper

    [1.4.5] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    I can't find the option to use Blizzy's Toolbar. The StockAppLauncher buttons work fine though.
  15. In my experience, ReCoupler and Infernal Robotics can work together just fine.